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Palladium Engagement Rings: Positively Perfect?

There are a lot of different metals used to make engagement rings. Some have been around for centuries, like rose gold. Some have been increasing in popularity in the last 70 years, like platinum. And then there is palladium, which is still fairly new, but it has the jewellery world so excited about its potential that the use of palladium is swelling by leaps and bounds.

Most buyers are pretty familiar with yellow gold, white gold, and platinum. These are the most common metals sold in jewellery stores around the globe. Palladium, on the other hand, is fairly unknown to most new buyers, but that is bound to change very soon, as many jewellery designers say that palladium is going to eliminate the need for white gold completely.

What is palladium, exactly? It is a white metal very similar to platinum because it is actually a member of the platinum family, but it is much more affordable than platinum, without all the drawbacks white gold and even platinum can have. Palladium has been used to make jewellery since 1939, but only as an alloy to create white gold. Only with recent increases in technology has it been used to make engagement rings itself.

The benefits of palladium engagement rings are many, and the drawbacks very few. Palladium has the cool beauty of platinum, but it actually weighs less and is more durable and scratch resistant. It also costs almost ten times less than platinum. And unlike white gold, it does not need to be alloyed with other metals to make it strong enough to be made into jewellery, and it does not have the metal allergies associated with it that white gold can have.

Palladium engagement rings require less maintenance and upkeep over the years than many of the other metals. They are strong enough to be worn daily for the rest of her life, and the sparkling white metal is the perfect setting for any diamond or precious gem. For every couple that wants an extraordinary ring for their money, one that does not require yearly upkeep to maintain its beauty, it is entirely possible that palladium engagement rings are the perfect ring.

Posted on February 29, 2012 by Admin