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Palladium Engagement Rings have the Best of All Worlds

In the world of engagement rings, we have all heard of yellow gold and white gold and, of course, platinum. But there is a new popular metal hitting the scene that is making a huge impression. Palladium has been around since before World War I, but it has not made a huge growth until recently. Palladium engagement rings have all the benefits of platinum without the high price. Many jewellers do not typically offer palladium, whether it is because it is a new popularity or because they do not make the profit from it that they do platinum. The best place to find palladium engagement rings is online.

During the World Wars, when metal was so hard to come by, palladium was often used as a substitute for platinum or white gold. It decreased in popularity after that and was typically only used as an alloy metal to make white gold. It is only in the past few years making such a huge comeback.

So what, exactly, are palladium engagement rings? Palladium is considered a sister metal to platinum. But it is much less expensive than platinum. And unlike white gold, palladium is actually found in nature. Because other metals have to be alloyed with yellow gold to make white gold, the white appearance can fade over time and return to its yellow roots. This will never happen with palladium engagement rings. And actually, palladium has more of a white metal appearance than platinum or white gold, and it shines more than either of them as well. Palladium engagement rings are more durable and scratch resistant than white gold and twelve percent more so than platinum, but they weigh less. Palladium engagement rings are tarnish resistant as well, and they can withstand an incredible amount of heat. They are also hypo-allergenic, which makes them an excellent choice for those women who are allergic to gold or have very sensitive skin.

Palladium engagement rings seem to have the best of all worlds. They are more cost-efficient, yet stronger and more durable. They shine more and weigh less. For new couples venturing into the world of ring buying, these rings are definitely worth the time to check out.

Posted on October 28, 2011 by Admin