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New, Gorgeous Styles in Engagement Rings: Are They for You?

One of the most interesting facets of having celebrities is the way new, exciting ideas and fashions can be introduced so quickly to our society. With celebrities leading the way, change happens almost overnight, and it can be fun to get in on the latest trends. One day celebrities are spotted sporting unique engagement rings, and the next week, those rings have inspired jewellers and artisans to create fresh designs.

Many times a new engagement ring design isn’t just a fad, but becomes a modern classic. Cluster engagement rings and multi-stone engagement rings absolutely burst on the scene recently, worn by singers and actresses alike. Palladium, white gold, and platinum seem to be the metals of choice in these glittering rings, but the classic yellow gold is also seen. These engagement rings will never look out of date, because they are simply the modern version of a classic style seen even in medieval times.

Cluster rings feature centre diamonds – many times in an unusual cut or unusual bezel or orientation – surrounded by smaller stones. Some cluster rings give an amazing dome-like appearance and feature identically sized diamonds that reflect the light from hundreds of facets, ultimately giving the look of a huge diamond.

Multi-stone rings, with a larger centre diamond, are showing up, too, often paired with even more diamonds on the “shoulders” of the ring. Every bit of the engagement ring that shows on top of the finger seems to be encrusted with diamonds.

The look is opulent and eye-catching, as the facets throw the light from the diamonds. Luckily for most pockets, both cluster engagement rings and multi-stone engagement rings are actually surprisingly affordable looks to emulate. The use of many small diamonds means the price stays reasonable, as small diamonds of excellent clarity and colour cost so much less than their larger cousins. The centre diamond, or each diamond in the cluster, can be smaller than those worn by celebrities, but the overall look will be the same.

Pear, heart, emerald and oval shapes in centre stones are the very latest to be seen on the left hands of engaged celebrities. And these celebrity-style rings almost always feature the added beauty of those sparkling shoulder diamonds.

It’s the best of old and new, in one gorgeous ring. And the look is available in yellow gold, white gold, platinum, and palladium, to match the preference of your bride-to-be for a warm or cool metal hue.

Posted on August 8, 2011 by Admin