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Modern Engagement Rings for a Modern Girl

The woman you want to marry is a trendsetter. She is not restricted by tradition or limited by boundaries, instead she makes new traditions and sets her own boundaries. So you know that any old engagement ring is not going to do it. She is not big on heirloom style jewellery, but you know what she does like, and you immediately start searching for modern engagement rings.

Modern engagement rings are characterized by unusual band design. Some have waves instead of just a round circle. Or twists, turns, curves, or circles. Some have diamonds all the way around. Instead of a just a solitaire, modern engagement rings throw in flair, adding bridges of smaller diamonds below the main diamond. It is a feature you can only see from the front of the ring, but when you do see it, it is stunning. Some modern engagement rings have bands that have a criss-cross of smaller diamonds instead of the plain band, weaving in and out and around the centre stone. There are so many different styles of band designs in modern engagement rings that finding one that fits her modern style will not be difficult at all.

Another characterization of modern engagement rings is the stone usage. Sometimes diamonds are replaced by other precious gems. Sapphires and Rubies are very popular, but there are many different colours to choose from. Many precious gems have a meaning, and of course there are the ones that represent the birth months. Using one of these instead of a diamond is another way to give your engagement ring a modern twist. And it does not have to be the main diamond that you replace, if diamonds are what she loves. The smaller diamonds on the side can be replaced as well, giving you a lot of freedom for creativity, so that you get just the right ring for your modern girl.

Heirloom jewellery is not for everyone. For those fashion-forward thinkers, or those that live a thoroughly modern life, modern engagement rings are a perfect fit. They embrace what it is about living in the now, with all its latest looks and vogues.

Posted on August 24, 2011 by Admin