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Marquise Engagement Rings: Made for Royalty

Nearly everyone who has given any thought to buying an engagement ring knows what a marquise diamond is, if not by name then at least by appearance. This type of cut is very popular for engagement rings. It was designed for Louis XIV, the King of France, and it is said that it was designed because of inspiration from the Marquise de Pompadour’s smile. Whatever the reason that marquise cut diamonds were designed, they have been a popular choice for engagement rings ever since.

Marquise diamonds look like an elongated oval with pointed ends. Marquise engagement rings are often solitaire, making a stunning statement with their simplicity. However, they can make a very bold, beautiful statement when combined with accent diamonds or other coloured gems on the shoulders or embedded along the band. Adding extra diamonds helps add a sense of balance to the elongated marquise diamond, but leaving it as a solitaire gives a slimming effect to the finger it is worn on.

Marquise engagement rings have many different options to customize them and truly make them your own. In designing your ring, there is always the size. The carat of the diamond is dependent on budget and personal preference, because as the carat size increases, so will the cost. However, marquise diamonds make the most of carat weight, meaning your diamond will look larger than it actually is because of the unique features of this cut. And you can also choose coloured precious gemstones to make your ring even more symbolic. Many of the different gems have deeper meanings and representations, or choosing a birthstone as your centre stone or as accent stones give the ring a very sentimental touch.

Marquise engagement rings were very popular in the last century, and many modern rings have the delicate scroll work and filigree designs that made antique marquise rings the engagement icon they are. This cut is stunning no matter what type of metal is used, whether you stay true to the antique origins and choose rose gold, or go with a more modern metal and choose white metal or palladium.

Posted on January 30, 2012 by Admin