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Hot Celebrity Engagement Rings Bling

When it comes to incredible, often over the top engagement rings, celebrities seem to have cornered the market with their lavish jewels. Made to be seen, celebrity engagement rings are often much larger and flashier than anyone else would dream of wearing, though they can offer great inspiration for those considering engagement ring styles. Because when it comes to engagement rings, celebrities have all the style.

Celebrity engagement rings are known for their size. These are generally not modest rings, and are meant to be shown off. Beyonce surely has one of the largest engagement rings out there, wearing an emerald cut diamond that is purportedly eighteen full carats, given to her by Jay-Z. Mariah Carey’s ring from Nick Cannon weighs in just below that mark, with a seventeen carat emerald cut diamond. Compared to those, Catherine Zeta-Jones’ engagement ring from Michael Douglas seems rather tame, weighing in at a mere ten carats of marquise cut diamond. Obviously, when it comes to celebrity engagement rings, bigger is certainly better.

Colour is also a hallmark of celebrity engagement rings, from fancy coloured diamonds to precious gemstones. Kate Middleton’s sapphire engagement ring is the hottest and trendiest coloured engagement ring, and seems to have set off a gemstone ring craze. In a completely unexpected choice, Jessica Simpson has chosen a ruby ring for her second engagement, going with the gemstone of love. Of course, coloured diamond rings have also long been popular with celebrities, from Heidi Klum’s yellow diamond rock to Jennifer Lopez’s pink stone. And for the completely non-traditional Carrie Bradshaw of Sex and the City fame, nothing would do for an engagement ring but a black diamond.

Settings are as important as stones when it comes to celebrity engagement rings, whether it is a plain band or more stones. Pave bands are hot for those who want sparkle and shine, while settings with side stones allow celebrities to introduce more bling and colours. One of the hottest trends now, though, is the antique style setting that is being seen on celebrity hands everywhere.

Posted on September 1, 2011 by Admin