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Heartfelt Visions Turned into Reality: Bespoke Engagement Rings

“I am spoken for.” That is a phrase that tells others that someone is already devoted to another and has entered into the beginning of a life together. Similarly, “bespoke” carries a meaning of being arranged or reserved beforehand, and also carries the meaning of being “custom made.” Thus, a bespoke ring is one that is created especially for an occasion or person – in this case, bespoke engagement rings.
Many gorgeous diamond engagement rings are available online and in shops, but some couples choose to make the engagement ring even more special by designing it themselves. Others, knowing they want something exclusive and personalized, work with knowledgeable and friendly jewellers – professionals in turning visions into beautiful realities – to create bespoke engagement rings.

There are so many ways to cut a diamond, so many mounting styles, and even a choice of precious metals for the ring that it’s easy for couples to create bespoke engagement rings that are totally unique and personal in meaning.

With bespoke engagement rings, customisations that are meaningful to the couples can be made. The number of stones, the cut, the shape, and the carat weight can all be varied to represent something the couple has shared or finds especially lovely.

Perhaps the future groom regards his fiancée as a “shining star” in his life, and also wants to express how happy and amazed he is that the twists and turns of life brought them together. He might choose to create a bespoke ring that reflects this by having a princess cut diamond – square in shape – set in a north-south-east-west orientation – the famed “star set” mounting style. And he might decide to place that star set on a twist band that circles the finger very elegantly. Further, he might wish to use silvery-white Palladium as the precious metal for the band, giving the ring an especially bright and modern appearance. With only love and vision to guide them, any couple can create bespoke engagement rings that are not only beautiful and practical, but deeply meaningful.

Posted on July 13, 2011 by Admin