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Gold Engagement Rings: Timeless and Traditional

Gold engagement rings are timeless and traditional. Because gold is hypo allergenic, durable, resistant to tarnish, and also a precious metal, it is a very popular choice for engagement rings. Gold is also beautiful.

Gold is very malleable, so to add strength, it is frequently melted with other metals. These metals could be zinc, silver, copper or nickel. The combination of different metals is measured in carats. The addition of alloy metals will change the colour and the hardness of the gold. Because it is no longer pure gold, the addition of other materials will also make the jewellery easier for most people to afford. High quality gold jewellery starts at 18 carats, which is 75 percent gold. 14 carats is 58 percent gold, and 24 carats is gold in the purest form. 22 carats is not seen as often, except for Asia, where it is valued for its dark yellow colouring.

Gold engagement rings are easy to care for, using a mild soap and water solution. You can also use a special jewellery cleaner, or alcohol or ammonia. Ammonia will brighten gold jewellery, but it should never be used to clean diamonds, as it could discolour or cloud them. Do not let chlorine near gold jewellery, as it could dissolve the gold or cause pitting. Never enter a chlorinated swimming pool, or a hot tub, while wearing gold jewellery. Cleaning with harsh chemicals, while wearing gold jewellery also must be avoided.

Gold engagement rings should be stored carefully, using a soft cloth bag, separate from other jewellery, to prevent the gold from being scratched, or the diamond from scratching other jewellery.

Gold has perpetually been valued for its rarity and its beauty. Gold engagement rings will always be valued, as a symbol of your lasting love.

Posted on April 11, 2011 by Admin