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First: Shopping for Engagement Rings

Life is full of firsts. First steps, first cars, first dates, first kisses. And then things get serious. First apartment, first house, first love. There might be only one true love, or there might be a few before we find the one that we want to be with for the rest of our lives. And then we have another first. First time shopping for engagement rings. First time picturing how that ring will look on your finger. First time thinking about proposals. Some of these firsts can be hard. Some can get us hurt, but they also make us stronger. And some are just fun. Depending on whether we are the one buying the engagement ring or the one receiving it, shopping for engagement rings can be a terrifying step, or it can be one of the most fun, memorable things we can do in our lives.

Even shopping for engagement rings has its own steps. Of course, we are all free to take our own path, but keeping some things in mind will help us find the right ring, and get the most for our money. Money is tight right now, and we all want to make it stretch as far as we can. One of the best things to do when we are shopping for engagement rings is research. Learn what the four C’s mean. Understand the difference between all the metals. Know the different cuts and styles. And with all that knowledge, decide which is the perfect one for you. Keep an open mind, of course, when you are shopping for engagement rings, because the right ring might surprise you. But knowing what you prefer beforehand will show you where you can compromise. If you want a bigger diamond, you can compromise on clarity or colour, or you can go with a less expensive metal for the band. If you must have a platinum band, maybe the size of the diamond is not as important, or maybe the cut of the diamond is what really matters to you.

Some firsts can be a little overwhelming. Shopping for engagement rings does not have to be. Let it be one of the most fun firsts in your life!

Posted on September 21, 2011 by Admin