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Ethical Engagement Rings Help Make Our World a Better Place

There are a lot of things to consider when you are picking out your dream engagement ring. Whether it fits in your budget, whether it is big enough and shiny enough. Whether the metal goes well with your skin tone. But something that a lot of people do not consider when they are choosing rings is the impact the diamond has on the environment, and the costs to the social environment as well. However, the more people understand about these darker sides of engagement rings, the more they are turning to ethical engagement rings as a better alternative.

What are ethical engagement rings? To understand what ethical engagement rings are, you must first realize what a conflict diamond is. Conflict diamonds are also known as blood diamonds. The problem with these diamonds is that they are mined in huge mines under dangerous conditions. Child labor is common and workers are often beaten. Besides the social impact, these mines are usually huge and take a serious toll on the environment with pollution, flooding, and soil erosion.

Some, but not all, diamonds are blood diamonds. Many are not. Ethical engagement rings are rings that take steps to be kinder to the environment and to fight the social injustices of blood diamonds. Laws have been passed to trace the origins of diamonds, and officials have cracked down on mines that do not follow socially and environmentally safer procedures. Couples who want to buy ethical engagement rings can ask for certification – all diamonds that come from mines that follow these laws will have proof of certification. Also, using heirloom rings that have a unique story, or using antique rings lowers the impact of mining new diamonds. Many celebrities refuse to wear diamonds and buy synthetic stones instead, which is also an option if you are looking for ethical engagement rings.

More and more, people are coming together to help save the planet and the people on it, those who cannot fight for themselves. And buying ethical engagement rings is not something everyone thinks about when thinking green, but when you do, you are taking a step toward change, and toward a kinder, better world for all of us.

Posted on September 15, 2011 by Admin