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Essential Tips When Shopping for Solitaire Engagement Rings

There are many reasons that solitaire engagement rings have been a favourite choice of couples for nearly a century. Such rings are beautiful in their simplicity and offer a timeless appeal to diamond lovers everywhere. Although the act of giving a gift in the contemplation of marriage is a centuries-old custom, since the early 1900s solitaire engagement rings have monopolised the market as the first and best-loved choice of almost every couple.

Understanding Cut Versus Shape

When shopping for a diamond solitaire it is essential to understand the difference between the stone’s shape and its cut. Although people often regard these terms as synonyms, in reality the cut and shape of a diamond are two entirely different features. The diamond’s shape refers to the design of the stone, whilst its cut is a term that refers to its ability to reflect light. The shape of a diamond solitaire is largely a matter of personal taste; however, a diamond’s cut can range in quality from ideal to poor. A well-cut diamond is crafted in such a way that light is caught and reflected out of the diamond’s top surface, giving it a brilliant sparkle. However, a diamond that is cut poorly results in this same light being absorbed rather than reflected, therefore the stone has a dull, lacklustre appearance.

Choosing a Setting

Solitaire engagement rings are regarded as a classic choice because the focus of such rings is entirely on the diamond. For this reason, it is essential that one choose a setting with care to ensure that the diamond is showcased in the most attractive manner possible. Solitaire engagement rings can be set in a variety of precious metals including gold, platinum, or palladium. Platinum is one of the most expensive of all precious metals and its shiny, brilliant appearance blends perfectly with gems such as diamonds. However, gold remains the most popular setting for a diamond solitaire, and is also a bit more affordable for most couples. One can choose from white gold or yellow gold when selecting a setting, and this decision is largely a matter of personal taste.

Unlike traditional gold, white gold is silver in appearance and was originally created as an alternative for those who desired a silver-coloured ring setting but discovered that platinum was out of reach financially. Palladium is an extremely rare precious metal with a silvery-white appearance. It is more expensive than white or yellow gold, and less expensive than platinum, and it is the shiniest of all four precious metals.

Regardless of one’s personal preference regarding settings, solitaire engagement rings are a timeless classic that will never go out of fashion. With a little time and effort the perfect diamond and setting can be found to match any budget or lifestyle, and bring pleasure to the wearer for many years to come.

Posted on September 2, 2011 by Admin