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Engagement Rings Tell Your Story

Engagement rings are not just another little piece of jewellery. Although they are small, they pack a huge punch. One small band, and it changes the world for the wearer. Engagement rings are status symbols. They tell of commitment and eternity. They say that a lifetime of searching is over, a soul mate has been found, and a new journey is about to commence. Engagement rings, more than any other gift given, tell a story of love.

Most women, given the choice, would choose less expensive engagement rings that meant something or have a story to tell over big expensive rings. And luckily, finding a ring that has a story behind it is not as difficult or impossible as it sounds. There are many ways to incorporate meaning into the ring you decide to give. It can be as simple as searching for the ring that “speaks” to you. The time and effort you put into finding the perfect ring is a story unto itself. Spending hours poring over countless engagement rings until you find just the right one is going to put emotion into the decision, and make the gift mean that much more.

There are other ways to find an engagement ring that tells a story. A ring that has been passed down from someone in your family, or someone that is near and dear to your heart, is bound to mean more to the woman receiving it. Or taking a single stone engagement ring from an heirloom piece and incorporating it into your ring design will give the ring a special meaning and the one that could be passed through generations. Or finding a diamond cut in a shape that holds a memory. There are many different ways to find the engagement ring that will tell your story.

There are millions of engagement rings out there to look through and choosing just one could be overwhelming for the groom. The challenge is not finding one that is pretty, because they are all pretty. The challenge is finding the one that has meaning, the one that grabs your heart and will not let go. That is the ring that will tell your unique story to your future generations.

Posted on August 10, 2011 by Admin