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Engagement Rings Mean Love

What is it about engagement rings that has the world sighing at every ring commercial, peering in store front windows, scouring the internet and even celebrity-watching just to see what the latest trends will be? After all, they are just tiny pieces of gems and stones, and yet, they make quit an impact. What other object of jewellery can make someone squeal with delight and invoke such a flurry of excited planning?

Engagement rings have been around for centuries and centuries. The first engagement ring ever recorded was given in 1477 in Austria by Archduke Maximillian. And they have only gotten more popular every year since. Perhaps the reason they are so popular is not because of how beautiful they are, although it is almost impossible to find an engagement ring that does not take your breath away. Whether it is the sparkle of the diamond, the polish of the band or the intricate setting, every engagement ring is beautiful in its own way.

And with so many different options, there are many, many ways for an engagement ring to be beautiful. Several different metals are one way, whether the bride loves the warm hues of yellow and rose gold or the cool sophisticated beauty of the white metals – white gold, palladium, and platinum. And what kind of setting. And then there are the diamond choices. What size, what grading, what shape, and how many! Or even whether to have a diamond at all, since using a colourful gem like a sapphire, ruby or emerald is becoming very popular.

But perhaps the real reason engagement rings elicit such a strong response is because of what they mean. Not just that someone is getting married, but that someone has pledged a lifetime commitment to another person. That someone spent a lot of time, thought, and money finding the perfect ring that will say all the things that need to be said for the rest of time. They mean hope for the future and a promise of loyalty.

Simply put, an engagement ring means love. And love is definitely something that should be celebrated.

Posted on March 19, 2012 by Admin