A Guide to Engagement Rings
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Engagement Rings are the Key to Your Future

Almost every guy who is planning to propose to the love of his life would, most probably, spend days and sometimes months organising that special day or evening, sometimes even a getaway trip. So many things to consider, book and plan, and the most important of them all is to find a perfect engagement ring that will leave you woman speechless.

So here you are, the day has come. Your knees are weak, and your hands are sweating. You have not slept for several days and your heart is in your throat. And there she sits across from you, completely oblivious. But now it is time, and you slip your hand into your pocket and pull out a little box that holds the key to your whole future. She opens the box, and the ring sparkles inside. And she smiles.

Gold engagement rings are one of the most popular ring choices, because they are cost-effective and still beautiful and durable. Many people love yellow gold engagement rings because they have a warmth that the white metal rings do not, and because yellow gold showcases the diamond in a way only yellow gold can, helping it stand out and dazzle even more. Others like the white gold engagement rings because you get the look and shine of platinum without the high price.

When you are shopping online for gold engagement rings, keep in mind that there are different grades of gold. This means that they are combined with other metals to make them more durable and scratch resistant. The higher the grade of gold, the more pure it is and the more it will cost. White gold is not found in nature, so it is mixed with other white metals to give it the platinum-like appearance.

You have dreamt of how she will react when she sees the ring since the day you met her. You know it is meant to be, and you want her to see how much she means to you. The little ring you hand her asks a big question, and her answer will shape your future.

Posted on July 28, 2011 by Admin