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Engagement Ring Settings: Many Beautiful Choices

When we step into the engagement ring universe, there are two things that are important to us. The diamond, and the setting. Now of course, both the diamond and the setting have their own designs and important things to remember, but basically we have to find a diamond we love, and we have to find a setting we love. Engagement ring settings are both incredibly simple and overwhelmingly difficult, and both for the same reason. There is a huge selection of engagement ring settings in this strange new universe.

Engagement ring settings are the band and the surrounding diamonds or precious stones on the band, if there are any. Consider the setting as the scene to the story, or the stage for the star. Diamonds are pretty on their own, but wrapped in the perfect engagement ring settings, they are home-shoppingly stunning. That is why finding the right setting is just as important to the overall package as finding the right diamond.

Engagement ring settings are almost chosen according to taste and budget. Some women prefer classic simplicity, and the solitaire engagement rings are for them. But even with the solitaire, we find many different options in engagement ring settings. Do we want a plain band, or one paved with smaller stones? Do we want white gold or palladium or yellow gold?

For the more complicated woman, there are many engagement ring settings that are amazingly elaborate. These settings can combine two different metals, like yellow gold or pink gold and white gold or platinum to make a contrasting statement. They can have multiple centre stones or smaller diamonds inlaid. They can have engravings or twists and turns and curls and waves.

For the girl looking for the perfect ring, it might be so difficult just because there are so many beautiful settings to choose from. She might have countless favourites, and the problem will not be that she cannot find one she likes, but that she cannot choose one among the many. And that is a wonderfully exciting problem to have when we are venturing into the engagement ring universe.

Posted on October 26, 2011 by Admin