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Endless Options with Cluster Engagement Rings

Few engagement rings have such a unique design that they can stand out and be so original as cluster engagement rings. There are hundreds of different combinations of cuts and metals and settings, but cluster engagement rings are truly one-of-a-kind in the world of engagement rings. And besides their distinctive look, they have many other benefits besides.

Cluster engagement rings are basically a cluster of diamonds instead of a solitaire or a main center stone. But there is a wealth of different design options once you choose this style. So many that it is almost difficult to find two cluster rings that are exactly the same. That is one of the biggest benefits of cluster engagement rings – the freedom you can have if you choose to design your own. These rings can have a larger stone in the center and be surrounded by smaller rings or they can be a whole bunch of smaller diamonds together. They can be all diamonds or diamonds and other precious gemstones, or precious gemstones all by themselves. The ring can be shaped to emphasize the finger or manipulated to show off its best features. There are so many different designs for this style of ring.

The best thing about cluster rings is that because you have many small diamonds instead of one large diamond, and they are typically less expensive. It is also harder to see flaws and imperfections in the many small diamonds, meaning you can compromise on the colour and clarity of the diamonds.

Cluster engagement rings are favoured with celebrities as well. In a world where the mindset is bigger is always better, cluster rings are a perfect fit. Sienna Miller, although the relationship was doomed, received a beautiful cluster engagement ring with nine diamonds from Jude Law. Although they ended their engagement, she loved the ring so much she wears it as costume jewellery now. Her ring, of course, inspired countless imitation rings sold all over the world.

But these rings are not just for celebrities. They are beautiful and creative, unique and, perhaps most importantly, have an amazing sparkle. For couples looking for a ring that is original and makes a beautiful statement all on its own, a cluster engagement ring is a ring to be considered.

Posted on November 3, 2011 by Admin