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Emerald Engagement Rings: From the Goddess of Love

Every bride-to-be wants an engagement ring that will only bring more love. A ring with a gemstone that was loved by the Goddess of Love herself. After all, what better good luck charm could you ask for when you are starting such an exciting new adventure? And of course, every groom-to-be who is stepping into the engagement ring world would love to find that perfect ring, but that is a slightly overwhelming task for any man to face. If he really wants the blessing of the Venus, an emerald engagement ring is only charm he will need.

Celebrities have a love of emerald engagement rings as much as the rest of us. Former first lady of the United States, Jackie Kennedy, received one from John F. Kennedy before they were wed. It was a 2.88-carat diamond and emerald ring from Van Cleef and Arpels. She loved the ring so much she had it buried with him after he died. In 1936, after abdicating the throne so that he could marry her, Henry VIII gave the Duchess of Windsor Wallis Simpson a 20-carat emerald engagement ring. Surrounding the emerald centre stone are two baguette diamonds on the shoulders and several small, round diamonds. The band of the ring is also inlaid with small, round diamonds.

Emeralds are mined from the beryl mineral. The chromium and vanadium found in the mineral are what give emeralds their brilliant green colour. But emeralds are not very strong and can be prone to cracking, so choosing a strong setting for your emerald engagement ring is a must. Emeralds can range from a deep green with blue or yellow undertones to a lighter green with almost red undertones. However, keep in mind that a light green stone is not actually an emerald but another form of gemstone. The brighter green the stone is, the more it will cost. Clarity also affects cost. More transparent emeralds cost more than cloudy emeralds. And of course, bigger emerald engagement rings will generally cost more than rings with smaller emeralds.

Emerald engagement rings have a unique symbolism. Emeralds are the precious stone favoured by the Roman goddess Venus. Who would not want an engagement ring with a stone favoured by the goddess of love? Emeralds are also said to be able to bring wisdom and reason to their wearers, and have the ability to cure all kinds of ailments and diseases.

Posted on January 16, 2012 by Admin