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Emerald Cut Engagement Rings

When a couple’s taste demands an engagement ring that is different, impressive, and stunning, think of an emerald cut diamond. With its rectangular shape featuring stepped sides that play up the clarity and lustre of the diamond, emerald cut engagement rings are impossible not to notice as they almost glow upon the finger.

Unlike brilliant cuts, such as the brilliant round and the princess cut which were created to enhance the diamond’s “fire” as light is thrown from facet to facet and bring to mind “brilliancy” – the emerald cut has a more subtle beauty and a different aim. This cut speaks of pure refinement. The emerald cut makes a strong style statement that is never gaudy. The elongated rectangle shape seems to say, “This is what classic taste looks like.”

Emerald cut engagement rings have a time-tested beauty and a vintage appeal yet they never look out of date. They reflect refinement and quality. Because this cut uses the natural oblong shape of a diamond, it is possible to create a larger finished stone that tends to be more economical than cuts that “waste” much of the diamond, such as brilliant cuts. And because emerald cuts are designed to display the very heart of a diamond, jewellers tend to use their most beautiful stones for this cut.

Those shopping for emerald cut engagement rings can certainly find them carefully set in yellow gold, but white gold, bright silvery-white palladium, and platinum engagement rings are more popular settings since their hues enhance the colour – or highly desirable lack of it – in the diamonds. Some couples will choose to let a single emerald cut diamond represent their commitment, while others take advantage of the long sides of the diamond to flank it with other diamonds or precious stones. Emerald cut engagement rings set in pave bands – where rows of tiny diamonds seem to encrust the bands – are stunning and make the bride-to-be finger look as if it is encircled in nothing but diamond. For timeless beauty, choose your ring from amongst a selection of emerald cut engagement rings.

Posted on July 13, 2011 by Admin