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Emerald Cut Engagement Rings Maximize Clarity

A woman’s engagement ring can say a lot about her personality. Some rings are more about the sentiment than the cost, while others are all about the size of the diamond. Some are more about the uniqueness and some are about the story behind it. No matter what her style is, there is a shape for every type of ring. While round brilliant cut diamonds are the most popular overall, the square and rectangle shapes are making quite a leap in popularity.

There are several different square cuts. The princess cut is the most popular of the square shapes. There is also the asscher cut, the radiant cut, and the emerald cut. What makes each one different from the others is how it is cut into its square shape to maximize facets, round its corners, or highlight different features of the diamond. Many of these and other special cuts were designed to use more of the rough diamond, so you are actually getting more diamond for your money.

Emerald cut engagement rings are unique from their other square counterparts because of its pavilion, or the top, flat part of the diamond. An emerald diamond is cut in a rectangular pattern. Because it has fewer facets, it does not sparkle like some of the other cuts, but this type of cut really emphasizes the clarity of the diamond.

Emerald cut engagement rings are more of a rectangular shape than a square shape, and because of this they give the illusion of elongating the finger. Emerald cut rings are often paired with side stones, either diamonds or other coloured, precious gems to balance its longer shape.

One of the most famous emerald cut rings belonged to hotel heiress Paris Hilton. The huge 24-carat ring was given to her by Paris Latsis, a Greek shipping heir. When their engagement fell through a short time later, Paris auctioned it off for charity, bringing in almost £3 million. The largest emerald cut diamond in the world, named The Magnificence is nearly 244-carats. Making it even more rare is that it is nearly colourless and rated as excellent by the Gemological Institute of America.

Emerald cut engagement rings are used in modern designs and antique rings. They have been around for ages and are only increasing in popularity. They can compliment almost any ring setting, so no matter what her personal sense of style, an emerald cut can be the shape for her.

Posted on March 16, 2012 by Admin