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Emerald Cut Engagement Rings for the Classy, Modern Woman

The perfect ring is different for every girl. That means that there is no formula for finding just the right ring. It takes time and effort and really trying to channel what she would like and what fits her personality and personal sense of style the best. For many women, that perfect ring has an emerald cut diamond, which is also known as the “table cut” or “step cut” diamond. This type of cut was originally designed for coloured precious stones, but it was incredibly well received in the diamond world as well.

Emerald cut engagement rings are extremely popular. Celebrities love them. Elizabeth Taylor had a 30-carat emerald cut ring from her third husband. Paris Hilton once had a 24-carat emerald cut engagement ring in one of her short lived engagements. Donald Trump gave his future wife Melanie Knauss a 12-carat emerald cut ring.

Emerald cut engagement rings are very popular in the celebrity world, and they are just as popular in the regular, every day world the rest of us live in. Emerald cut engagement rings are classified by a rectangular or square shaped diamond with rounded corners. The distinguishing feature of emerald cut engagement rings are the way they are cut. Its pavilion is cut with rectangular facets that creates an optical appearance other cuts do not have. The sides of the diamond look like miniature stairs, and the cut is often described as a pyramid with its top chopped off. For emerald cut engagement rings, having a high clarity grade is important because the cut is designed to emphasize the clarity of the diamond and its limited facets do not contribute a lot of shine. This cut is also one of the more less expensive cuts because it uses more of the rough diamond than many of the others. Skilled cutters can cut the diamond so that many of the flaws and imperfections are left out of the finished product.

Emerald cut engagement rings are not as common as a princess cut. They are not as common as the round brilliant so that you see them on every engaged girl’s finger. They have a modern, classy appearance and are perfect for the sophisticated, fashion forward woman.

Posted on October 18, 2011 by Admin