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Edwardian Engagement Rings: Amazing Detail and True Romantics

Edwardian engagement rings seem to carry a certain romanticism that the Edwardian period seems to carry. Perhaps it is the sense of mystery or the genteel charm. It was a time of fashion and beauty and art. So it is no wonder that the engagement rings that were created during that time were true masterpieces, made to represent the ideals of the time.

Edwardian engagement rings typically come from 1901-1915. Because of their popularity, there are rings made now that are specifically designed to look like the rings from that time period, and they have all the strength and durability that modern technology offers, and they are very beautiful. But these rings do not have the history that a true Edwardian engagement ring would have.

Edwardian rings are characterized by their intricate, delicate designs. The jewellery was made to reflect the graceful femininity of the women from that time. These rings have delicate filigree and open pierced work that give them a lacy appearance. They have delicate curves and patterns and diamond accents and sometimes incorporate flowers or leaves into the scrollwork. Many original Edwardian rings had pearls instead of diamonds because pearls were too costly for any but the highest-tiered citizens to afford. The only problem with pearls is that they are relatively soft and do not hold up over time, making it slightly difficult to find a true original pearl Edwardian engagement ring. The fine detail and amazing craftsmanship make Edwardian engagement rings some of the most amazing examples of jewellery in existence.

Celebrities are also in awe of the extensive attention to detail Edwardian engagement rings have. Multitalented Madonna received a 5-carat Edwardian ring from Guy Ritchie before they wed in an extravagant antique-themed wedding. They divorced after seven years but the beautiful ring lives on. This ring has three round brilliant stones to represent the past, present, and future and the extensive detail and piercing on the band of the ring is simply amazing.

Edwardian engagement rings are some of the most stunning creations in the jewellery world, and because of their fine craftsmanship these works of art still exist the world today, inciting the demand for reproductions across the globe.

Posted on November 4, 2011 by Admin