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Diamond Engagement Rings Represent Love

When is a diamond more than a diamond? When it is given set in an engagement ring. No matter the size, diamond engagement rings carry a lot of meaning in that sparkling setting. Not only are you asking the woman you love more than any other to be with you right now, you are asking her to be with you always. You are promising a lifetime of love and commitment with that ring. These rings symbolize the love shared between two people and the special relationship that they have.

Diamond engagement rings are not all the same, however. There are practically endless possibilities when you are choosing for yourself or your loved one. First is choosing the cut that you want for your ring. There are at least ten different types of cuts, each one with its own pros and cons. As in most decisions when buying diamond engagement rings, it comes down to your personal taste and your budget.

Besides the cut of the diamond, there is also the size, or carat, and the colour and clarity. A flawless diamond is incredibly rare, no matter what the size, so they are very expensive. But you can find a much larger diamond with a few imperfections or a lower colour scale for a lot less money. Most imperfections are not visible to the naked eye in diamond engagement rings. Jewellers have special tools that they use to magnify the diamond ten times, and that is how they see the flaws.

Yet another way to make an engagement ring uniquely your own is by choosing the band that fits her taste and style, while also staying within your budget. Bands can be simple metal or adorned with twists and turns and many smaller diamonds. And there are several different types of metals to choose from, so it is no problem to find the type of band that is just what you want.

Diamond engagement rings offer so many different possibilities to customize it and make it completely yours. Creating or finding the ring that represents the love and unique relationship you share with the woman you love is a simple process of picking and choosing.

Posted on October 5, 2011 by Admin