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Designer Engagement Rings to Strike Her Speechless

The love of your life is beautiful, amazing, one-of-a-kind, and you want what you have to last forever. You are going to propose, and you want an engagement ring that is as magnificent and unique as she is. When you get down on one knee, you do not want the thought in her head to be, “I’ve seen that ring before.” You want her to be awe-inspired and speechless. The best way to do that is with designer engagement rings.

Designer engagement rings are unique because they are the creation of a jewellery designer’s artistic genius. They are not the result of what might be popular at the time, they are the result of a vision. The key difference in designer engagement rings versus no-name brands is that designer engagement rings are made by someone, usually famous, with an artistic background and vision instead of just being designed by someone, somewhere. Designer engagement rings are also produced in limited quantities, and they are only made with the highest quality materials, so you are guaranteed a ring that is exceptional as she is.

Some of the top creators today of designer engagement rings are Verragio, Michael B, and Tacori. Verragio designer engagement rings are hand-crafted with a strong attention to detail. They are designed to bring out the radiance in any centre diamond. They use modern designs with a traditional foundation, resulting in an ageless style of ring. Michael B was the designer who made platinum the popular choice that it is today. He also invented the Micro Pave, an intricate design of miniature diamonds surrounding the centre diamond to give the ring a delicate beauty. Tacori designer engagement rings are developed using a blend of art and science. Each ring is hand-crafted, a perfect combination of traditional and modern.

When you envision yourself down on one knee, offering her your life with this ring, do you see yourself holding a hand-crafted work of art created by a designing genius? A ring that is worthy of the woman you are proposing to, the woman who takes your breath away every time you see her? What you are seeing is you, and you are holding a designer engagement ring.

Posted on June 17, 2011 by Admin