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Designer Engagement Rings: The Marriage of Artistry with Experience and Technique

Choosing an engagement ring is usually a once-in-a-lifetime event. And it can be costly, and not only in terms of money, but in the outlay of emotion and effort. Of course, both halves of the couple want the ring to be “perfect” and beautiful, since it is a tangible symbol of their love. And the quest to get the “best” ring can be stressful at times. After all, couples are in the love business, not the jewellery business.

Many couples solve the anxiety-causing aspects of this purchase by deciding to choose from amongst designer engagement rings. Bespoke rings can be wonderful, but with designer engagement rings, a couple simply cannot go wrong. Doubts about what works and what doesn’t are banished by using professionally designed rings. These rings are not only made from the finest precious metals and high-quality diamonds, they are created by artisans who excel in using these materials in the most striking and elegant ways.

Whereas you or I might be able to envision a lovely ring, they can bring in design touches that turn rings into works of art as well as of heart. Jewellers have years of training and experience in creating designer engagement rings. They know the mechanics of designing a sound lasting ring, not just a beautiful ring.

Have you seen the design work available in multi-stone rings? Three-diamond rings have become extremely popular with couples. Some say that the three stones represent yesterday, today, and tomorrow. Others designate more personal meanings to the diamonds, having them represent aspects of a life together, such as bliss, joy, and constancy.

Three-stone rings are brought to full beauty in the hands of a jeweller. All of these rings feature three main diamonds, but because these are designer engagement rings, the artistic treatment of these stones varies beautifully. Rings might feature three brilliant cut diamonds all the same size in a claw setting, which allows light from the sides and below to make the diamonds especially sparkly, or may feature a centre diamond princess cut with two emerald cut stones nestling at its sides. Bands of designer engagement rings might be plain platinum, white gold, or white gold, but designers sometimes choose to add diamonds, either channel set or pave, to the “shoulders” of the ring, too, making it an engagement ring with shoulders. They have the “eye” for knowing how to dream up a stunning ring, and combine colours, metals, settings, and band treatments to create rings that are things of value and beauty.

Posted on July 14, 2011 by Admin