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Designer Engagement Rings for the Stars

Have you ever wondered about the difference between designer engagement rings that celebrities seem to love so much and the rings that you can easily find online or in retail stores? You know, of course, that they designer rings cost a lot more, but why is that? What makes them special and is a designer ring something that you need?

A designer ring means it was that the engagement ring was designed by someone famous, someone who has made a name for themselves in the jewellery world. Often, especially in the case of celebrities, the rings are custom made just for them. The drawback to buying designer engagement rings is that they are a lot more expensive than non-designer rings. The benefit is that you have a very exclusive ring that will only increase in value over time, so it is a good investment.

It is almost uncommon for celebrities to wear engagement rings that are not designer-made. They love them, whether for their exclusivity or for the fine craftsmanship is debatable. One of the biggest designers to the stars is Lorraine Schwartz. She credits Halle Berry as her rise to fame when she wore several of her pieces in 2002. Since then, she has made designer engagement rings for countless other celebrities, from Angelina Jolie to Beyonce Knowles. Cate Blanchett and Elizabeth Taylor. She has recently worked with Kris Humphries to design an engagement ring for his now-wife Kim Kardashian.

Another favourite celebrity designer is Jean Dousset. She is the brilliance behind actress Amy Adams’ and Eva Longoria’s designer engagement rings. Amy Adams’ ring that she received in 2008 from Darren Le Gallo is a one-carat brilliant cut diamond ring that has amazing sparkle. Eva Longoria, although not with husband Tony Parker any longer, has a stunning emerald cut ring with 248 diamonds. It also has an engraving of Tony’s handwriting on the inside of the ring. And it is gorgeous. It also took 116 hours of work to finish.

Designer engagement rings are beautiful. And after the designers design them, imitations crop up all over, for much less expensive. And the rest of the world gets to have what the celebrities have.

Posted on November 23, 2011 by Admin