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Contemporary Engagement Rings: Timeless and Trendy

For some girls, a traditional engagement ring with all its sparkle and shine is just not what she is looking for. She likes modern, trendy, different. Her tastes run along a different path than the classic bride. That said, more and more brides are searching for something unique. Contemporary engagement rings are perfect for these girls. They are clean lines, classic cuts, modern twists. These rings take a traditional engagement ring and spin it into something completely new and different, something very unique and one-of-a-kind, and yet still celebrating the same beautiful message: a lifetime of love and commitment.

The options are endless when she decides on contemporary engagement rings. Colours, metals, band designs, engravings, they can all be a little different than what you would typically find in a jewellery store, and with each unique twist it gives contemporary engagement rings a whole new look. Many contemporary engagement rings are not about the big diamond protruding from the ring. They will have diamonds set into the band and focus more on intricate band designs or engravings. Multiple stone settings, or coloured diamonds or gems are also a common theme with contemporary engagement rings. The stones themselves are often cut in different shapes and sizes to make a novel touch. Another unique feature that could be classified as contemporary is two tone bands. Doing this usually involves a white metal, like platinum, palladium, or white gold, and yellow gold. The end result is striking and not something you will see every day.

There are many jewellers that sell contemporary engagement rings, especially if you look online. But if she wants something very different, customizing and designing your own ring is the way to go. That way, you have a hand in every single aspect of your ring, from the metal and shape of the band, the engravings, the placement of the stones, and the colours. And you will get exactly what she wants. If you do go this route, you will have contemporary engagement rings that will be completely one-of-a-kind, and it will be exactly what she wants. Beautiful, timeless, unique. Just like her.

Posted on June 24, 2011 by Admin