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Contemporary Engagement Rings for Your Trendsetter

She walks into the room, and every head turns to watch her. She carries herself with an air of confidence, and it is obvious that she is a trendsetter with a unique sense of style, a very modern woman. And she is all yours. Buying her an engagement ring was much less of an ordeal than you were expecting, and you are grateful for that. Once you got started looking, you realized that there is a whole world of contemporary engagement rings for you to choose from, and once you found them, narrowing it down to just the right ring for her was simply a matter of knowing her tastes, and you know her better than anyone else in the world.

Contemporary engagement rings or modern engagement rings, these rings are known for their twist to the centuries old tradition of engagement rings. Traditionally, engagement rings were simple bands and a diamond. But contemporary engagement rings have a wealth of different options to choose from, starting with the metal. Gold was the traditional metal to create engagement rings from, and platinum has been huge for the last several decades. Now, palladium is also very prominent, and a new trend – two-tone metals, is also increasing its popularity by leaps and bounds. These contemporary rings usually have two contrasting metals, such as white gold and yellow gold.

The setting may be the main characterization that sets contemporary engagement rings apart from traditional engagement rings. The bands are often very elaborate. They can be embedded with many small diamonds. They can have bridges, or unique twists and turns and waves in the band. Creative details like engravings are also favoured in contemporary rings.

Another thing that sets contemporary engagement rings apart from their traditional ring counterparts is the use of stones. As mentioned above, they often have small diamonds embedded in the band. Sometimes they have three stones instead of one. They also incorporate the use of different coloured precious stones, such as emeralds, sapphires, or rubies. Many men choose to have their fiancé’s birthstone added to the ring, or the stone for the month they will marry.

Choosing the right engagement ring has a lot to do with personal style. For your fiancé, who sets the trends instead of following them, contemporary rings are going to be the rings she loves the most because they fit so well with the way she lives her life.

Posted on November 25, 2011 by Admin