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Cheap Engagement Rings

Sometimes a person chooses an inexpensive engagement ring – “cheap,” if you will. After all, rings are only symbols of love and commitment. And as symbols, they convey that love whether expensive or inexpensive. The degree of love isn’t reflected in the price of the ring; it’s not as if an inexpensive ring means the couple is less in love, less devoted, or less joyful than a couple choosing a more expensive ring. It just means that for reasons of their own, the happy couple has chosen to consider cheap engagement rings.

Sometimes, couples are saving for a house they will purchase together, a luxury car, or a long honeymoon to exotic locales. They wish to devote their money and energies to something else, but also wish to have that lasting symbol of love, the engagement ring.

“Cheap” is a term that is often misused. There is nothing “cheap” about a small, beautiful diamond or other stone set in a precious metal setting. Cheap engagement rings tend to be dainty, and certainly those whose taste runs to petite, subtle jewellery often end up spending less than those who enjoy a more flamboyant style. But quality is still present in cheap engagement rings, in the form of beautiful gold, precious white metals such as Palladium and platinum, and gorgeous small stones.

In fact, both those who are very fashion-forward and those who are strict traditionalists often end up with cheap engagement rings, in that their taste – not necessarily their pocketbook – leads them to ultimately choose rings that turn out to be less expensive. Modern couples often wish for some colour in their ring, and by choosing a coloured stone as their central stone, save quite a bit of money. Birthstones are favourite choices for this stone, although some brides-to-be choose to match their eye colour or simply choose a favourite shade. Traditionalists often favour a very small round-cut diamond as their solitaire, and often choose the traditional setting of a plain yellow gold band and end up with cheap engagement rings as a result of this preference.

Don’t concern yourself with what “others” will think of your engagement ring choice. Guaranteed, they will see and admire it gracing your finger and be busy noticing its beauty, not speculating on its cost.

Posted on July 18, 2011 by Admin