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Celebrity Engagement Rings: The Inspiration for Fashion Trends All Over the World

Many times in our society, it is celebrities that are our trend setters. The general public dresses like they see their favourite celebrity, and women all over the world copy celebrity hairstyles. So is it little wonder that celebrity engagement rings also influence our jewellery choices? Although we cannot all afford million dollar engagement rings, we can pick out features of celebrity engagement rings that we love and incorporate them into our own designs, giving us the ring we love without the mighty price tag that would go with it.

Celebrities do give us a lot to oooh and ahhh over. Celebrity engagement rings seem to have a common theme: They are huge, and very shiny, and often very unique. For example, even though their love seemed to be doomed almost before it began, Cheryl Cole got two stunning rings out of the situation. Her first ring was a £100,000 heart-shaped diamond, and her replacement ring was a £160,000 square cut ring with two-tone yellow gold and platinum. Victoria Beckham has a unique 3-carat marquise ring, and her husband David Beckham has a matching wedding set with 96 diamonds.

There are countless other celebrity engagement rings that are simply stunning. Heidi Klum has an engagement ring as unique as her proposal. Seal proposed on a glacier in an igloo, with a 12-carat canary yellow oval diamond set in canary pave, meaning it has lots of smaller diamonds inlaid into the band. Her ring was designed by Lorraine Schwartz, the same designer who created the brilliant masterpiece Kim Kardashian is wearing. Sienna Miller has a nine diamond cluster engagement ring set in a platinum circle on an extra-wide yellow gold band.

The list goes on, and as more celebrities get engaged, more trends will be started because of celebrity engagement rings, giving us all more fodder for our dream-ring designs. And although we all know it is not really about how much a ring costs, but the thought behind it and the love that it symbolizes, there will always be a part of us that just really loves a big, shiny celebrity engagement rings.

Posted on September 14, 2011 by Admin