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Celebrity Engagement Rings – Now Starring, On Your Own Ring Finger

Don’t just think of huge diamonds when you hear the words “celebrity engagement rings”. Look a bit closer and you can see beyond the carat weight into what makes a ring “celebrity-worthy.” The secret isn’t hard to discover – and then to use when you choose an engagement ring.

Above all else, celebrity engagement rings have eye-popping styling. Whether they go modern or return to retro, celebrities choose rings that are out of the ordinary in terms of design. They rarely stick with a plain, classic solitaire, but they do look for designs that are unusual enough to stand out, yet reflect exquisite taste. It’s not a matter of just spending lots of money on a ring — that doesn’t turn ordinary rings into celebrity engagement rings. A celebrity-worthy ring can be had on a modest budget, too. It’s all about style.

For couples or brides-to-be seeking their own celebrity engagement rings, consider an unusual shape or cut to your diamond. Princess cuts and emerald cuts are unusual and sure to get noticed. But go even further to get that truly fantastic ring: Cluster engagement rings give the impact of a huge diamond, without the cost and weight on your finger. Diamonds of different cuts can be arranged in myriad gorgeous ways, forming flower motifs, large squares, rectangles, diamonds, and more. They can feature a larger central stone in an uncommon cut, surrounded by other smaller diamonds of a different cut. The effect is spectacular. Some cluster rings feature three rows of diamonds and sparkle incredibly as the hand is moved.

A feature of many celebrity engagement rings is having the centre stone, of whatever shape – and an oval shape would be fantastic here – prong-set and surrounded “halo style,” with a ring of tiny diamonds around it. Classic, yet a cutting-edge design. Many celebrities are flaunting their haloed rings.

Celebrity engagement rings also have a “surprise” element to them. Many times, the band is set with smaller diamonds, usually featuring round brilliant pave-set stones, or channel-set stones cut baguette or emerald style. The centre stone treatment is already unusual, but the addition of the unexpected side diamonds places these rings in the “to die for” category.

Posted on July 11, 2011 by Admin