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Celebrity Engagement Rings are Trend Setters

Celebrities are known for being over-the-top. Their homes, their cars, their style and their jewellery. So of course, celebrity engagement rings are going to be beyond dazzling and huge and cost exorbitant amounts of money. Celebrity engagement rings are characterized by their shear size. Multi-carat rings are common, but otherwise the range of creativity and unique designs in the celebrity engagement rings world is unparalleled. Their rings are pink or yellow or made of precious gemstones instead of diamonds or any number of different options.

Tennis star Anna Kournikova has a natural pink diamond. It is a pear cut with two trillion side stones. She has also been seen with a huge canary yellow diamond and recently with another ring that may or may not be a wedding band. Tracey Edmonds also has a canary yellow diamond with white baguettes on a platinum setting, although her engagement only lasted a couple of weeks. When Jennifer Lopez was engaged to Ben Affleck, he gave her a 6-carat pink diamond ring.

Carmen Electra received a fairly unique engagement ring from Rob Patterson. It is platinum with a black diamond centre stone, which seems to fit their personalities very well. Black diamonds have an inky appearance. They are not brilliant and they do not sparkle like white diamonds do. Some black diamonds have been enhanced to make them more durable and give them a more even colour. Black diamond engagement rings are not as uncommon celebrity engagement rings as you might originally think, however. Carey Grant, from the golden age of Hollywood, gave Carole Lombard a princess-cut black diamond ring. In the movie, “Sex and the City 2”, Carrie Bradshaw also has a black diamond engagement ring.

Sometimes it is the setting that makes the engagement rings so outstanding. Coleen Rooney has a diamond encrusted band with a large centre stone surrounded by smaller diamonds, and she and husband Wayne having matching wedding bands she designed herself.

Celebrities are trend setters, and although members of the general population cannot afford their elaborate lifestyle or amazingly expensive rings, celebrities do set styles in motion, causing countless imitation celebrity engagement rings to be made and worn and loved.

Posted on October 17, 2011 by Admin