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Celebrities with the Most Expensive Engagement Rings

Celebrities seem to live in an alternate reality than the rest of us. Money does not seem to be an issue for them. The rest of the world may be struggling, but some celebrities can spend large fortunes on a single engagement ring. While tracking down the most expensive engagement ring in the world might be difficult, the cost of celebrity engagement rings are usually pretty well known in the world of paparazzi and tabloids. So who in the magical realm of celebrity world has the most expensive engagement ring?

That honour seems to go to Anna Kournikova. Although she and long-time singer boyfriend Enrique Iglesias are very tight-lipped about their relationship status, she has been seen wearing two different engagement rings. While the exact details are not known, one ring seems to be a canary yellow diamond worth around £1.5 million. The most expensive engagement ring seems to be a huge pink diamond ring she has been spotted wearing as well, also assumed to be from Enrique Iglesias. This ring is worth an estimated £4 million.

Even though they cannot boast the most expensive engagement ring in Hollywood, other celebrities have rings that come very close. Jay-Z, one of the highest paid rappers in the world, bought his multitalented fiancé a huge 18-carat flawless diamond engagement ring designed by Lorraine Schwartz, ring designer for the stars. Her ring is worth more than £3 million. Because she was not comfortable wearing her very expensive engagement ring in public, Jay-Z also bought her an imitation ring that cost more than most normal couple’s wedding set combined.

For now, the most expensive engagement ring in Hollywood seems to go to Anna Kournikova, but that is only for the time being. Another celebrity will come along with a bigger, more exotic, more stunning ring that will surpass any seen so far, and the world will have a new engagement ring to be astonished by. The best thing about a new celebrity engagement ring surfacing is that it inspires imitation rings. That way, the rest of us can have a ring just as beautiful, without the huge price.

Posted on November 7, 2011 by Admin