A Guide to Engagement Rings
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Beautiful Engagement Ring Settings

There are several kinds of engagement ring settings, each one created to perfectly display the cut of the jewel it’s holding. Basic settings can be modified depending on the skill of the jeweller and the wishes of the customer.

The prong setting is one of the most popular of the engagement ring settings. In this setting, the jewel is held in tiny claws. Prongs are custom made to accommodate the shape and cut of the gem. The prong is often made of the same metal as the band, but more and more jewellers are favouring platinum because of its silvery-white beauty, durability and the fact that it doesn’t tarnish.

Another of the popular engagement ring settings is the channel setting. Here, the jewels are carefully arranged in a channel that travels either all around the ring or part way around the ring. Ideally, a tiny pocket in the channel is made for each jewel, the better to secure it. Sometimes the jewel will project above the metal channel and other times it might be flush with it, as in the burnished setting.

In a pavé setting, tiny gems, most often diamonds, are set very close together, like cobblestones on a street.

Another of the engagement ring settings is the burnished setting, a more modern setting where the jewel is pushed into the metal until it’s flush with it. This is popular for men’s engagement or wedding rings.

The bezel setting is the oldest of the engagement ring settings. The jewel is placed into a band of metal that’s cut precisely to fit it and then soldered to it. The bezel setting is the most secure of the settings and is prized for its elegant look. This setting is also better at keeping the jewel, especially a diamond, from scratching and being scratched.

Another of the engagement rings settings is the bead setting. In this setting, a hole is drilled into the metal of the ring and the jewel is secured within it with burins, or jeweller’s chisels, and other precision tools.

Whatever beautiful setting the couple chooses, the engagement ring will always be a symbol of their love.

Posted on August 30, 2011 by Admin