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Art Deco Engagement Rings are Geometric Beauty

Engagement rings have been around for practically ever. Of course, they were not always metal. The earliest engagement rings were made of hemp or twine, and over the ages have evolved into the beautiful masterpieces they are today. Many rings share characteristics of the time period when they were popular, and are so named because of it. Victorian engagement rings, Edwardian engagement rings, Georgian engagement rings, and Art Deco engagement rings are all named because of the period they were worn in.

Art Deco engagement rings are some of the most popular vintage rings. The Art Deco period ranged from the early 1920s to the 1940s, when it started to decline in popularity. However, it made a comeback in the 1960s and has been popular since. Like many of the masterpieces made in the Art Deco period, from furniture to majestic buildings, Art Deco engagement rings are influenced by geometric shapes. Architecture from that period was steeped, like the Sears Tower, and Art Deco engagement rings take a lot of their design features from that. Modern rings made to look like they were from this period often have a lot of scrollwork and band design.

Art Deco engagement rings that are actually from that era only have baguettes or Ascher cuts, because none of the other cuts had been perfected yet. Rings that are designed to look like they are from the time period often have many of the other cuts available, from princess to round brilliant. Another thing that sets these rings apart from others is that they rarely had only a solitaire diamond. Multiple stones were artfully arranged and layered to create the Art Deco geometric look. Often, other precious stones were used, such as onyx, emeralds, or jade. Sapphires and rubies were also very common, as well as many other coloured stones.

Art Deco rings, because of their multiple stones and heavy metal, often cost more than other rings, but it is a worthy investment. These rings have a fine craftsmanship that can withstand the test of time, still holding their beauty decades later. They are a wonderful piece of heirloom jewellery to pass on to future generations with love.

Posted on November 18, 2011 by Admin