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Are You Brave Enough to Design Your Own Engagement Ring?

With all the beautiful ready-made rings in this world, why would regular couples – with no jewellers’ training – take on the task to design your own engagement rings?

Actually, it’s more common than you might think, and it’s an exciting way to add even greater intimacy to a couple’s journey together. Choosing, discussing, dreaming, and creating together is a wonderful way to begin an engagement. When you design your own engagement rings, you can use this new facet of life as another way to grow and learn together.

When you design your own engagement rings, you not only are able to create a ring that is exactly as you envision, but you have greater control in staying within a budget, too. Working with a trained jeweller, you decide what setting, what colour band, which diamond cut, and how many stones to set. Every single delicious detail is up to you, from carat weight to setting. You never have to sacrifice meaningful details – the kind that might even be “insider secrets” to a couple – when you design your own engagement ring.

What do other couples consider when they design their own rings? Usually, they want to make the ring represent their relationship. Perhaps certain ring details will stand in for special times and thoughts. When you design your own engagement rings, you can work these special times and symbols into the end design of the ring.

Perhaps you feel that the way forward in life has suddenly become clear and beautiful – that it is paved with joy – you can choose to set your diamond in a pave band to reflect that. Or maybe you feel lucky the twists and turns of life brought you together, a prince with his princess, and decide to place a princess cut diamond solitaire on a modern palladium engagement ring to represent this. Or, you both might foresee endless bliss and companionship despite a sometimes-fiery relationship, and wish to embody this by designing a band that is channel-set with myriad tiny diamonds in an endless circle, topped with an elegant, fire-filled brilliant cut round diamond. Past, present, and future can all come together in a single gorgeous and valuable symbol when you design your own engagement rings.

Professional jewellers have done the hard part – the mechanics of bringing dreams to reality – for you. All you need to do to design your own engagement ring is to choose from their designer settings, precious metals, and gorgeous gems to create a ring as unique as your love.

Posted on July 12, 2011 by Admin