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Are White Gold Engagement Rings The Rings for You

Buying engagement rings can be a very overwhelming process. A lot of time, money, and emotion is involved. It is not like running down to the local jewellers and picking out whatever is on sale. This ring is the start of a brand new life, and it is important to find just the right ring, whatever size, colour, or design that may be. Many women love the cool white metals to go with their diamonds, and there are a few to choose from. They all have pros and some cons, and knowing them beforehand will help you make your final decision.

White gold engagement rings are one of the most popular rings. They are often compared to platinum rings because there are several similarities. The most obvious is colour. Both white gold and platinum engagement ringsĀ have the cool beauty of white metals, and both are very shiny, adding even more sparkle to a diamond ring. But that is where obvious similarities end. White gold engagement rings and platinum rings are more different than you might think.

The biggest difference, perhaps, is the cost. Platinum is a rare metal. Because of that, it is much more expensive than the other metals used for rings. But it is also very durable. It is dent and scratch resistant and will last for years and years with little upkeep. White gold engagement rings may look the same as a platinum ring, but they cost far less. And they are even more sparkling than a platinum ring, because of the special coating put on to make them more durable. This coating can wear over time and has to be refinished, but it is relatively inexpensive and it is a quick procedure. White gold rings are actually made from yellow gold. Because white gold is not found in nature, it is mixed with other white metals, such as nickel or silver, to give it the white appearance. Because gold is a soft metal, the special coating is put on after the band is completed to make it stronger and tougher, like platinum.

White gold engagement rings are one safe option when shopping for engagement rings. There are several others. Eventually, it will all depend on the budget and taste and personal style. They say that the right ring will speak to you. Keep your heart open and listen and you just might hear it.

Posted on October 6, 2011 by Admin