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Antique Style Engagement Rings Have a Vintage Charm

Antique jewellery has a charm all its own, something that modern jewellery cannot match. The only problem is that finding antique jewellery can be tricky, and finding antique jewellery that is in good, strong condition is even trickier. That is why so many people love jewellery that looks antique, but actually is not. Celebrities are no exception. While many where antique rings, more tend to buy antique style engagement rings. For one thing, they can be less expensive, although that is probably not an issue with celebrities. For another thing, many gems used in antique rings, like pearls or opals, are soft and do not stand up to the test of time very well, so antique style engagement rings have the charm of old jewellery but the strength of modern technology.

There are a lot of celebrities who love antique style engagement rings. Reese Witherspoon received one from Ryan Phillipe when they first got engaged several years ago. It was a four-carat asscher cut designed by Neil Lane. Asscher cut means it is just like an emerald cut, but it is square. It has a pavilion cut across the facets, that maximizes shine and sparkle. The only drawback to an asscher cut in antique style engagement rings is that the diamond needs to be fairly colourless or the yellow tint will show up in the corners. Kate Hudson also received an engagement ring once that was an asscher cut. This cut is pretty popular with celebrities.

Art Deco is a very popular style, and there are several celebrities who have antique style engagement rings that are designed after rings made in this time period. Katie Holmes has a platinum and rose gold art deco style ring with a large center stone. Howard Stern gave Beth Ostrosky an art deco style ring as well. Her platinum ring had an emerald cut diamond with side stones.

Leann Rimes also has a soft spot for antique style engagement rings. Her ring is a five-carat cushion-cut diamond. Cushion cut diamonds have been popular for over a hundred years. These diamonds have rounded corners and large facets that give them an extraordinary sparkle. They come cut as squares or rectangles, and because the facets are so big, they need to have a high clarity value or imperfections can show up.

Antique style engagement rings have the charm of an old-world style ring and the strength and durability that comes from being created with modern technology. For those who love all things vintage, this is the perfect style of ring.

Posted on November 11, 2011 by Admin