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Antique Engagement Rings Passed from One Heart to Another

The ring in his pocket is not just any ring. It was the ring his grandmother wore as she worked beside his grandfather, trying to carve out a better life for their family. It was the ring his mother wore as she waved while he left for school. And now it sits in his pocket, and carrying with it a lifetime of history, sentimentalism, and the power and love of family. It will soon grace the finger of the love of his life, building more memories as it continues on its journey of love.

When someone talks about antique engagement rings, they usually mean a ring that is more than fifty years old. These rings not only come with a unique history about them that just is not possible with a modern ring, but they also have a traditional strength and portray the character of an earlier, less rushed, more genteel time. Some can tell antique engagement rings just by looking at them. Have you ever wondered how?

It is hard to see the history in an object just by looking at it. The history is more something you can feel from the ring, although it is always fun to know the story behind a ring. But it is possible to tell antique engagement rings because they were crafted differently. For one thing, the metals used to make the ring were different. Platinum was not popular until the 1920s, and then it slowly took off, increasing in popularity until it reached the status it has today. Antique engagement rings were often made from rose gold. The diamonds were not bright white. Many couples preferred diamonds that had yellow, rose, or green tints to them. But the most noticeable difference is the filigree work and the ornate carvings and scroll works. To have the same designs made today would cost a small fortune but could never match the character of an antique ring.

The ring that he has in his pocket, this ring that he is so anxiously waiting to give the woman he loves, carries many lifetimes’ worth of love and hard work and caring and hope. It will continue to bring passion, devotion and enchantment as it is passed on from one heart to another.

Posted on January 31, 2012 by Admin