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An Engagement Ring That Stands Out With Meaning

The engagement ring is one of the most important pieces of jewellery a woman will ever wear. It is the signature of a man’s love for her and his desire to spend the rest of their lives together. As such, quite a bit of thought is put into the style and design of the ring to make it a memorable and long-lasting gift.

Emerald engagement rings provide a unique touch to a time-honoured tradition. Since diamonds are the most common stone used, the attractive green hue of the emerald makes it stand out from the norm. In symbology, emeralds represent successful love, making it the perfect stone for an engagement ring.

Styles of emerald engagement rings vary, from a simple design to extravagant patterns. They can come singly or with a variety of other stones, such as a diamond. One common style for emerald engagement rings is to place the stone in the centre, with two diamonds on either side, forming a trio-stone ring.

Metals for the rings include gold, white gold, titanium, or silver. These can be worked in a number of designs. Some are just a simple band, while others are ornately worked pieces of art. Occasionally, the design has its own meaning, such as the Celtic knot, which is a mythological symbol of eternity and endurance.

Both stones and rings come in a wide range of carats and weights, and the prices are just as varied. The emotional value of the ring, however, is beyond a monetary price. Not all rings have to be bought new. Some emerald engagement rings can be found vintage, holding even more emotional value as one considers the history of the piece and where it came from. Some stores sell vintage styles, though the ring itself may be new.

Posted on April 11, 2011 by Admin