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An Engagement Ring is an Act of Love

Your engagement ring is probably the most important piece of jewellery you will ever buy. It may be little, but it is a substantial financial investment, and even more of an emotional investment. An engagement ring is not something you buy because you passed it in a window and thought it was pretty. It is not something you can buy for yourself. It must be bought after time and consideration, it is an act of love, and it must come as a gift. This little ring has to last a lifetime, it has to sparkle like the day it was made, and it has to represent the beauty of your love, the hope for your future, and the connection of your spirits. The band is a circle that represents lasting infinity. There is no end and no beginning. It will go on forever.

Because your engagement ring has to mean so many things, it is important for you to find the right one. Doing research so that you are prepared before you go, and so that you understand all the technical jargon and ring-speak, will help you find the right ring for your money, without being led astray and without becoming easily confused. Window shopping is a great idea, too, even if it is only online. That way, you know what you like. Watch for the engagement ring that seems to light up the room. That is the ring for you, and it is not the same ring for everyone. Window shopping also gives you a general idea of price range, and what type of ring costs the most, and what you are content to compromise.

If things work out the way they should, this engagement ring is the only one you will ever buy. It is the most substantial gift you will ever give someone, and it has a more powerful meaning than any other piece of jewellery you can ever bestow.

Posted on July 26, 2011 by Admin