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An Emerald Engagement Ring is Rich in Symbolism

Our ring, no matter what it looks like or what era it is from or how much it costs, is going to have significant sentimental value, simply because of what it represents. An engagement ring represents love and commitment, passion and beauty all at once. And sometimes, the bride has a love of hidden meaning, or her birthday is in May, or maybe she just has a love of an emerald gem. Whatever the reason, an emerald engagement ring is perfect for the woman who loves things a little different, or who loves colour.

An emerald engagement ring has a symbolic meaning that goes much deeper than it just being a pretty stone. Emeralds were anciently believed to be the most powerful precious gem in the world because of their healing properties. It was used to cure anything, from heart disorders, lung afflictions, and liver illnesses. An emerald engagement ring might even open up your psychic abilities and make you more clairvoyant.

Although many people automatically think of diamonds when they think of engagement rings, emeralds are actually more rare than diamonds are, making an emerald ring that much more precious. Historically, they were mined near the Red Sea, but now it is much more common to find an emerald engagement ring with a gem that hails from South America. Emerald rings can vary from a deep green to a very blue-green, depending on the amount of chromium in the stone. And emerald engagement rings are fairly strong, although they can be prone to chipping and cracking if proper precautions are not taken, such as not wearing them to work on machinery or something like that.

Emerald engagement rings are full of history and symbolism and even a touch of mysticism. They are also incredibly beautiful. Even if she does not dream of an emerald ring because she believes it will help her see the future or cure all her illnesses, even if it is just because she loves the beauty of the deep green of an emerald ring, the bride-to-be will love it. No matter what her ring looks like, if it came from the heart it will be the most valuable ring in the world to her.

Posted on November 30, 2011 by Admin