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A White Gold Engagement Ring Vs. Platinum

A white gold engagement ring is often compared to a platinum engagement ring. They have a similar appearance, and similar durability. But they also have many differences, pros and cons. The best way to decide which one is right for you is to know what each is, and what makes them different. Understanding how the ring world works is the best way to get the most ring for your money.

White gold does not exist in nature. That means that it has to be made from a combination of other metals. Not only does combining it with silver, nickel or palladium give it the white metal appearance similar to that of platinum, but it makes a white gold engagement ring more durable and scratch resistant. Without the coating, the ring would be soft and pliant. It would be prone to scratches and dents. But when a white gold engagement ring is combined with a white metal, it not only changes the colour from yellow to white, but makes it a much stronger ring, as well. It is then plated with a more durable metal that makes it even shinier than platinum, for a time. However, the coating does wear off after a while, especially if the ring is worn every day, and it will have to be re-coated. It does not cost a lot and it is a quick procedure.

Platinum has a hypo-allergenic quality that a white gold engagement ring does not, which means it is safe for almost all sensitive skin types. It is also more durable and scratch resistant than white gold. But it costs a lot more as well, even before adding in the diamond factor. Upfront, the platinum engagement ring will cost about a thousand dollars more than a white gold engagement ring, but once you factor in the cost of having it re-coated over its lifetime, the cost is not quite as substantial.

The undertones for each ring are different as well, although it is not really noticeable unless you are looking for it. A white gold engagement ring has a warmer, yellow tone to it because of its yellow gold roots, while platinum has a more grey appearance.

Posted on August 25, 2011 by Admin