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A Platinum Engagement Ring For a Lifetime of Love

You are down on one knee, and the ring in your hand sparkles with such a dramatic intensity that your future bride-to-be is instantly dazzled. She says yes and you slip the ring on her finger, where it shines even more so than it did before. That is what love can do to a platinum engagement ring. On its own, it sparkles and shines, but when it is polished with love that will last a lifetime, it can give even the stars a run for their money.

A platinum engagement ring is the most exquisite of all the metals. It is the best of the best. Although it comes with a high price tag, there is a reason for that. It is because platinum is a very rare metal. It is used to make the finest of jewellery, and ring buyers seek it because of the exclusivity it comes with. It is rare, which makes the platinum engagement ring they are choosing even more special.

There are different grades of platinum in a platinum engagement ring. Sometimes it is mixed with other metals, and is not considered pure platinum. Each ring will have a marking, called a hallmark, that tells what percentage it is. If it is considered pure, it will simply say ‘Platinum’. Of course, the more pure the ring is, the higher the cost. Until the last fifteen or so years, platinum was only mixed with lesser metals, but after that if it was mixed with either cobalt or ruthenium, it was considered a pure ring.

Platinum is a favourite for rings for more than just its exclusivity. A platinum engagement ring is strong, durable, and scratch resistant. It is hypo-allergenic, so it is safe for those with skin sensitivities. The prongs used to hold the precious gem or diamond will last forever because of the strength of the metal, and the shine will not fade or wear off over time.

The sparkle of a precious white metal might be what draws you in immediately, but a platinum engagement ring will last a lifetime. And if love makes a ring shine, then once that platinum engagement ring is on her finger, it will be shining for the rest of eternity.

Posted on June 27, 2011 by Admin