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3 Stone Engagement Rings Will Represent the Past, the Present and the Future

There are few things that convey commitment and love like a diamond to a newly engaged bride-to be. These days the variety of engagement rings available to newly engaged couples are numerous. Out of the many choices offered to young couples today, one of the favourites has become the 3 Stone engagement rings. 3 stone engagement rings are filled with symbolism that appeals to young people and older couples as well. Trilogy rings are as beautiful as it is meaningful, and there are variations available to suit every personality.

A solitaire is always a wonderful diamond, however, they are often extremely expensive. To find a solitaire that contains the four C’s, carat weight, clarity, colour and cut can be extremely expensive for a young couple just starting out. If you are recently engaged and are ready to buy a diamond there are a few things to remember. First, be aware of the carat weight. A full carat diamond is rare and expensive. Most rings will offer a quarter carat weight (,25 points), a half carat (.5 points) or a three quarter carat .(75 points). One of the advantages of a 3 stone engagement ring is that a combination of these carat weights can be combined with the largest stone set in the centre.

Some couples enjoy diamonds of various colours in their 3 stone engagement rings, such as the rare blue diamond which are very expensive. Another popular diamond is the champagne diamond. However, most couples opt for a white diamond which is the most traditional. Colourless diamonds command the highest prices, depending on their quality. The clearer the diamond the better the quality One advantage of a 3 stone engagement ring is that most are available in many colours. Clear diamonds in the 3 stone engagement rings may vary in colour as they are available in various carat weights and this makes them a great choice for a young couple who want a good diamond ring but are on a budget.

One of the final things to consider when purchasing your 3 Stone engagement ring is the setting. The first choice you will have to make is what colour cold you wish to have. Most couples choose gold bands. If you choose a gold band with a good quality white diamond be sure to have the “head” setting where the stone is placed made in white gold so that the colour of a good clear diamond is not affected. You may also choose white gold, which is more expensive but a lovely option. Some couples may choose platinum if they can afford it. One of the advantages to platinum is its endurance as a metal and the value of the metal itself. There are many styles of settings and if you can afford to you may wish to choose your setting first and then pick out the loose stones you want to have placed in the setting. This is a very personalized way to purchase your engagement ring. A good jeweller should be able to show you loose stones and settings and then have the ring made in-house. The extra cost may be worth the emotional investment of knowing you hand picked each stone yourself, or you may have your bride-to-be pick the stones and setting herself. This is a great way to personalize your 3 stone engagement ring.

Young couples looking for an engagement ring should also be aware of inclusions in diamonds. The common name for this is flaws. Most diamonds inclusions are visible to the eye. These range from easily visible, to barely visible. However, sometimes an inclusion can give a diamond unique character Some couples find an inclusion that represents a heart or something of meaning to them making a diamond with an inclusion special in some way. In the diamond industry most jeweller will uses 10x magnification in grading clarity in diamonds. A young couple can ask their local jeweller to show them the diamond they wish to purchase under a loupe if inclusions are important to them. In a trilogy ring this may not be of primary importance depending on the size of the diamonds in the setting. A diamond may still have wonderful colour, lots of shine and sparkle, yet if you look very closely you may see a tiny inclusion. This is a great diamond for a couple who want a nice 3 stone engagement ring and at an affordable price.

Now that you have some guidelines on how to purchase a great engagement ring, spend some time browsing your local jewellery shops. 3 Stone engagement rings are a great option for couples of all ages as they can be in any size, colour or price range. Representing your past, present and future a 3 stone engagement ring is a great way to tell your bride-to be how much you love her!

Posted on August 12, 2011 by Admin