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3 Stone Engagement Rings Symbolize the Life You Will Share

Engagement rings, on their own, are powerfully symbolic. They are given as a token symbolizing that one is committed to another. And different engagement rings also have different symbolisms. The shape of the diamond, especially a fancy cut diamond, like a heart, or the design of the setting can mean different things or have a unique history. 3 stone engagement rings are definitely one of those settings that have a meaning many may not realize.

Many say that each stone in a 3 stone engagement ring represents a different aspect of life. One for the past and where she came from. One stone for the present and everything she is today. And one for the future. What she will become and the memories you will create together. These rings are popular as engagement rings, and also as anniversary rings because of the promises and the memories they symbolize.

Because 3 stone engagement rings are intricate and often look much larger than a solitaire engagement ring, people mistakenly believe that they cost much more than a solitaire engagement ring. But that is not the case, because of the rarity of larger diamonds. The world has plenty of smaller diamonds, but once you reach the 1 carat and above, they rise dramatically in how rare they are, which makes the price also rise. So three smaller stones on one ring, which look large and dramatic, will actually cost much less than a single solitaire ring of the same apparent size as the three stones combined.

There are many different 3 stone engagement ring styles. The most popular is three round brilliant diamonds of the same size. But many couples are looking for a ring that is not so common, and 3 stone engagement rings can accommodate that. Other options can be three stones of differing sizes, one larger centre stone and two on each side. Different shapes are also common, such as a round centre stone and pear or oval side stones. Yet another option is adding coloured precious stones, such as sapphires, rubies, or emeralds as either the centre stone or flanking the diamonds.

Posted on March 2, 2012 by Admin