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3 Stone Engagement Rings: Elaborate Beauty

Some like things to be simple. Too much fuss and it can be displeasing. To them, less is more. Solitaire engagement rings are perfect in their classic beauty for those people. And then there are others, those who like the elaborate and the sparkle, those who believe that too much of a good thing does not exist. For these people, 3 stone engagement rings are the right fit because these rings are as full of shine and sparkle as they can get. Why have one diamond when you can have three?

3 stone engagement rings have a lot of different options. Sometimes they have three main stones, all the same size and shape. Sometimes they have three main stones that are the same size, but they are different cuts, like a round brilliant centre stone and radiant side stones. 3 stone engagement rings can have different colours of precious gems, as well. Her birthstone on one side, the diamond in the middle, and his birthstone on the other and your ring takes on a very special meaning. Really, there is no limit to how 3 stone engagement rings can be designed. Your creativity has a wide canvas to create on.

3 Stone engagement rings also have all the different metal choices. Again, the only thing that matters here is personal choice, style, and budget. Platinum is the most popular because of its durability, but it is also the most expensive. Yellow gold offers a very nice offset to the diamonds, but some do not like the yellow gold look and prefer the cool beauty of white metal. White gold or palladium is an excellent compromise in 3 stone engagement rings for those who have a budget but want the white metal.

3 Stone engagement rings were created with symbolism, although many do not realize that as they are searching for rings. Each stone represents a different part of your life. One is for your past. One is for your future. And one is for the present. The present diamond is probably the one in the centre, because the present must be embraced by the past and the future.

Posted on October 20, 2011 by Admin