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3 stone Rings

Deciding to propose to your future bride is an exciting decision, but figuring out what style of engagement ring she will enjoy wearing can be daunting. While the iconic engagement ring is a single diamond sent in a plain band, this can be a boring look that your fiancée may not enjoy. Instead, look for 3 stone engagement rings for your future fiancée.

Symbolize A Lifetime of Love with 3 Stone Engagement Rings

3 stone engagement rings feature one larger centre stone that is set with a smaller stone on either side. Typically these rings are set with three diamonds, however you can work with a jeweller to have alternative gemstones, such as rubies or emeralds, set on either side of the centre diamond instead. 3 stone engagement rings’ gemstones symbolize you and your future fiancée’s past, present, and future together. Sometimes 3 stone engagement rings are called trilogy rings or trinity rings. This extra bit of symbolism will make your future fiancée smile whenever she looks at her ring, both today and in the future.

When you purchase a 3 stone engagement ring for your fiancée, there are many ways for you to customize it to be the ring that your fiancée has always dreamed of. Start with the colour metal of the ring’s band and setting. While traditionally you have had to pick between yellow gold and white gold, today you can also find many different engagement rings that have settings designed with both yellow gold and white gold. Look online for a wide variety of different engagement ring settings, which may also include pink toned rose gold, precious platinum, and other interesting choices.

Take your time as you shop for 3 stone engagement rings, since the ring that you choose to propose to fiancée with is the one that she will be wearing for the rest of your lives together.

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