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An Emerald Engagement Ring is Rich in Symbolism
Posted on November 30, 2011 by Admin

An Emerald Engagement Ring is Rich in Symbolism Our ring, no matter what it looks like or what era it is from or how much it costs, is going to have significant sentimental value, simply because of what it represents. An engagement ring represents love and commitment, passion and beauty all at once. And sometimes, the bride has a love of hidden meaning, or her birthday is in May, or maybe she just has a love of an emerald gem. Whatever the reason, an emerald engagement ring is perfect for the woman who loves things a little different, or who loves colour. An emerald engagement ring has a symbolic meaning that goes much deeper than it just being a pretty […]

Cushion Cut Engagement Rings: Popular for a Lifetime
Posted on November 29, 2011 by Admin

Cushion Cut Engagement Rings: Popular for a Lifetime There are so many different types of diamond cuts when you are engagement shopping, and while you are most likely to choose your ring based on how pretty it is, it is also helpful to know all the different benefits each individual cut offers. Some are cut to maximize sparkle and some to increase lustre. Some are cut to use as much of the rough diamond as possible. Cushion cut engagement rings are also known as pillow cut engagement rings are one of the many square types of cuts. What makes a cushion cut different from the rest is that they have rounded corners and also the fact that they are cut […]

Pink Engagement Rings will Capture her Femininity
Posted on November 28, 2011 by Admin

Pink Engagement Rings will Capture her Femininity Some women are just the epitome of pink. They love to be girly girls, to be dolled up and pampered and they happily embrace their femininity. A normal diamond engagement ring is beautiful and she will love it just fine, of course, but pink engagement rings genuinely capture her true feminine character. While coloured gems have been popular in engagement rings for quite a while, Jennifer Lopez made pink engagement rings’ popularity explode when she received one from Ben Affleck in 2002. Although they did not last, the love of pink stones in engagement rings has only increased since then. There are a few different options if you are thinking of pink engagement […]

Contemporary Engagement Rings for Your Trendsetter
Posted on November 25, 2011 by Admin

Contemporary Engagement Rings for Your Trendsetter She walks into the room, and every head turns to watch her. She carries herself with an air of confidence, and it is obvious that she is a trendsetter with a unique sense of style, a very modern woman. And she is all yours. Buying her an engagement ring was much less of an ordeal than you were expecting, and you are grateful for that. Once you got started looking, you realized that there is a whole world of contemporary engagement rings for you to choose from, and once you found them, narrowing it down to just the right ring for her was simply a matter of knowing her tastes, and you know her […]

Design your Own Engagement Ring and Make Your Dreams Come True You want to propose. You have brilliant plans for the future, for everything from the proposal to the wedding and the honeymoon, and your life beyond. You know exactly what ring you want to use when you propose and start on all those plans. And even though there are practically endless designs and styles of engagement rings to choose from, you cannot find that ring. And then you stumble across a brilliant idea, the answer to your problem. There are websites out there that allow you to design your own engagement rings. And you do not have to be a celebrity or even incredibly wealthy to do it. Most […]

Designer Engagement Rings for the Stars
Posted on November 23, 2011 by Admin

Designer Engagement Rings for the Stars Have you ever wondered about the difference between designer engagement rings that celebrities seem to love so much and the rings that you can easily find online or in retail stores? You know, of course, that they designer rings cost a lot more, but why is that? What makes them special and is a designer ring something that you need? A designer ring means it was that the engagement ring was designed by someone famous, someone who has made a name for themselves in the jewellery world. Often, especially in the case of celebrities, the rings are custom made just for them. The drawback to buying designer engagement rings is that they are a […]

Bespoke Engagement Rings Made Just for You
Posted on November 22, 2011 by Admin

Bespoke Engagement Rings Made Just for You There are some couples that are so unique or share a love so unlike any other, that no ready-made ring will work for them. Although it may seem like only celebrities get to have bespoke engagement rings, that is simply not true. There are many different companies, online and in actual stores, that can create bespoke rings that are exactly what she has been dreaming of her entire life, whether she is a celebrity or not. Many people think bespoke engagement rings are the same as custom made engagement rings. While both are one-of-a-kind, custom engagement rings are usually already designed but not available to the general public. Bespoke engagement rings are designed […]

Princess Diana’s Engagement Ring: Still Influential
Posted on November 21, 2011 by Admin

Princess Diana’s Engagement Ring: Still Influential Princess Diana was one of the most influential trendsetters in modern history. Everyone loved her, and everyone loved her sense of style. So it is no wonder that Princess Diana engagement ring she received from Prince Charles was so stunning it started a wave of imitations that swept the world. And Princess Diana loved the ring so much that she continued to wear it even after the divorce, finally passing it on to Prince Henry after her death. Prince Henry, for his part, gave it to Prince William to propose with. Princess Diana’s beloved ring now rests on the finger of the future queen. Prince Charles proposed to Diana in 1981, sending the world […]

Art Deco Engagement Rings are Geometric Beauty
Posted on November 18, 2011 by Admin

Art Deco Engagement Rings are Geometric Beauty Engagement rings have been around for practically ever. Of course, they were not always metal. The earliest engagement rings were made of hemp or twine, and over the ages have evolved into the beautiful masterpieces they are today. Many rings share characteristics of the time period when they were popular, and are so named because of it. Victorian engagement rings, Edwardian engagement rings, Georgian engagement rings, and Art Deco engagement rings are all named because of the period they were worn in. Art Deco engagement rings are some of the most popular vintage rings. The Art Deco period ranged from the early 1920s to the 1940s, when it started to decline in popularity. […]

Follow Your Heart and Buy the Male Engagement Rings
Posted on November 17, 2011 by Admin

Follow Your Heart and Buy the Male Engagement Rings Until fairly recently, for the most part only women wore engagement rings. But times are changing, and there is no reason only men can do the proposing! In the last few years male engagement rings have been increasing in popularity to the point that there are many different choices now on the market. Also, because they are not as elaborate as female engagement rings, they are usually much more budget friendly, although the more intricate and heavier rings can cost just as much as female engagement rings. There are many cultures around the world where male engagement rings are what is normal. In Argentina, the men and women both wear engagement […]

Celtic Engagement Rings are Rich in Symbolism
Posted on November 16, 2011 by Admin

Celtic Engagement Rings are Rich in Symbolism There is a mystery about the Celtic culture that draws you in. It wraps itself around your heart and holds on tight. Even those that do not have a Celtic background have a love affair with the this unique culture. Perhaps that is why Celtic engagement rings are becoming increasingly popular. Celtic engagement rings borrow heavily from Celtic art, which stems mostly from the Celtic Renaissance of the middle ages. Celtic engagement rings are characterized by intricate detail and carvings. The stone is not so much the center of attention as the engravings on the band. Often Celtic engagement rings are characterized by many different pieces of Celtic artwork. Celtic knots are very […]

Princess Cut Engagement Rings for Your Fairy Tale Princess
Posted on November 14, 2011 by Admin

Princess Cut Engagement Rings for Your Fairy Tale Princess There are many things to think about when you are going ring shopping. It is an exciting thing, but it can also be a little scary and maybe overwhelming. Not only do you have to choose the metal for the band and setting, but you have to choose the diamond, and then you have to choose the cut of the diamond. And there are several to choose from. One type of cut that is extremely popular right now are princess cut engagement rings. If the girl who will wear this ring is your fairy tale princess, then the perfect ring for her could be a princess cut. Princess cut engagement rings […]

Antique Style Engagement Rings Have a Vintage Charm
Posted on November 11, 2011 by Admin

Antique Style Engagement Rings Have a Vintage Charm Antique jewellery has a charm all its own, something that modern jewellery cannot match. The only problem is that finding antique jewellery can be tricky, and finding antique jewellery that is in good, strong condition is even trickier. That is why so many people love jewellery that looks antique, but actually is not. Celebrities are no exception. While many where antique rings, more tend to buy antique style engagement rings. For one thing, they can be less expensive, although that is probably not an issue with celebrities. For another thing, many gems used in antique rings, like pearls or opals, are soft and do not stand up to the test of time […]

Buying an Engagement Ring is Creating Memories
Posted on November 10, 2011 by Admin

Buying an Engagement Ring is Creating Memories Sometimes it hits like a lightening bolt. One minute, you are sitting there watching a movie or paying bills or driving down the road and suddenly you realize that the woman you are with is the one you have been looking for your entire life. And after that realization comes the knowledge that you will do anything in your power to keep her, to make her yours forever. That means you must buy a ring. And the thought of buying an engagement ring makes your throat go dry. That is a monumental choice. There are so many options and things to consider and rings cost so much and…and what if you choose the […]

Handmade Engagement Rings: Made Just for You
Posted on November 9, 2011 by Admin

Handmade Engagement Rings: Made Just for You We all want engagement rings that mean something very special. Often the thought and effort that goes into choosing just the right ring means so much, but what if you could go even further. Most people do not even realize they are available, but handmade engagement rings can be one of the most heartfelt gifts you can give. The time and patience and skill it takes to make something that beautiful by hand makes the ring original in its own right, and there are never two handmade items that are exactly the same. What are handmade engagement rings, exactly? Most people would be surprised at the answer to that question. They can be […]

Royal Engagement Rings: The Ultimate Trendsetters
Posted on November 8, 2011 by Admin

Royal Engagement Rings: The Ultimate Trendsetters By now it is doubtful there is anyone left in the world who does not know the sentimental story behind Kate Middleton’s royal engagement ring, which was Princess Diana’s ring. It was one of the most talked about things of the year. But she is not the only royal with a stunning ring, and there are even other rings that have quite a history behind them, although none, probably, as touching as Kate’s. Prince Charles let Princess Diana choose her own ring when he proposed. She caused quite a scandal when she picked a ring that any one could buy out of a catalogue, because most royals had rings custom-made just for them. But […]

Celebrities with the Most Expensive Engagement Rings
Posted on November 7, 2011 by Admin

Celebrities with the Most Expensive Engagement Rings Celebrities seem to live in an alternate reality than the rest of us. Money does not seem to be an issue for them. The rest of the world may be struggling, but some celebrities can spend large fortunes on a single engagement ring. While tracking down the most expensive engagement ring in the world might be difficult, the cost of celebrity engagement rings are usually pretty well known in the world of paparazzi and tabloids. So who in the magical realm of celebrity world has the most expensive engagement ring? That honour seems to go to Anna Kournikova. Although she and long-time singer boyfriend Enrique Iglesias are very tight-lipped about their relationship status, […]

Edwardian Engagement Rings: Amazing Detail and True Romantics Edwardian engagement rings seem to carry a certain romanticism that the Edwardian period seems to carry. Perhaps it is the sense of mystery or the genteel charm. It was a time of fashion and beauty and art. So it is no wonder that the engagement rings that were created during that time were true masterpieces, made to represent the ideals of the time. Edwardian engagement rings typically come from 1901-1915. Because of their popularity, there are rings made now that are specifically designed to look like the rings from that time period, and they have all the strength and durability that modern technology offers, and they are very beautiful. But these rings […]

Endless Options with Cluster Engagement Rings
Posted on November 3, 2011 by Admin

Endless Options with Cluster Engagement Rings Few engagement rings have such a unique design that they can stand out and be so original as cluster engagement rings. There are hundreds of different combinations of cuts and metals and settings, but cluster engagement rings are truly one-of-a-kind in the world of engagement rings. And besides their distinctive look, they have many other benefits besides. Cluster engagement rings are basically a cluster of diamonds instead of a solitaire or a main center stone. But there is a wealth of different design options once you choose this style. So many that it is almost difficult to find two cluster rings that are exactly the same. That is one of the biggest benefits of […]

Engagement Ring Designs Perfect for your Soul Mate
Posted on November 2, 2011 by Admin

Engagement Ring Designs Perfect for your Soul Mate Finding “The One” is no easy task. Some people search their whole lives for that special person, and some people get lucky and find their soul mate without even looking. But, whether it was an easy feat or a hard one, once you have found them, you want to hold on tight and never let go. That is why so many people think buying the perfect ring is such a huge task. It carries a lot of weight. But engagement rings are made from very, very tough metal. Maybe even more so because they carry a lot of love, and love is the one thing strong enough to stand the test of […]

Pear Shaped Engagement Rings are a Beautiful Option for Every Bride Before someone has ventured into the engagement ring world, they might mistakenly assume that their choices are fairly limited. Yellow gold or white gold. Round diamond or…round diamond. But once they step foot into this whole beautiful, shiny, sparkly world they quickly realize that the options are pretty much endless when searching for an engagement ring. One of the many different choices you will have to make is what kind of diamond shape you would like. There are several different ones, from round brilliants which are the most common to princess cut which is the most popular non-round diamond. And then there are heart cuts and marquis cuts. One […]