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Victorian Engagement Rings: Beautiful for Centuries
Posted on October 31, 2011 by Admin

Victorian Engagement Rings: Beautiful for Centuries There are trends, and then there are designs that stand the test of time, that are still beautiful a hundred years later, and will still be favoured for the next hundred years. Engagement rings are no different, and there are several different types of rings from different eras in history. Antique or vintage style engagement rings typically mean anything made before World War II. After that, jewellery designed changed dramatically because of the platinum shortage. But before that, beautiful rings from the Georgian period, the Victorian era, the Edwardian era, and the Art Deco period were all the rage and are still amazingly popular. Victorian engagement rings were made from 1837-1901. These rings were […]

Palladium Engagement Rings have the Best of All Worlds
Posted on October 28, 2011 by Admin

Palladium Engagement Rings have the Best of All Worlds In the world of engagement rings, we have all heard of yellow gold and white gold and, of course, platinum. But there is a new popular metal hitting the scene that is making a huge impression. Palladium has been around since before World War I, but it has not made a huge growth until recently. Palladium engagement rings have all the benefits of platinum without the high price. Many jewellers do not typically offer palladium, whether it is because it is a new popularity or because they do not make the profit from it that they do platinum. The best place to find palladium engagement rings is online. During the World […]

Gold Engagement Rings Give You Bright Beauty
Posted on October 27, 2011 by Admin

Gold Engagement Rings Give You Bright Beauty Gold engagement rings have probably been around longer than any other metal. Platinum has not been used for too incredibly long, and palladium is fairly new to the ring market. But gold has been used for centuries. There are two types of gold used in engagement rings: White gold and yellow gold. Beyond the two being different colours, there are not really many differences. Gold engagement rings are smack dab in the middle of the price scale. They are not cheap metals, like silver, but they are also not as expensive as platinum. And gold used for engagement ring settings are very popular. Many women like the warmth of yellow gold engagement rings, […]

Engagement Ring Settings: Many Beautiful Choices
Posted on October 26, 2011 by Admin

Engagement Ring Settings: Many Beautiful Choices When we step into the engagement ring universe, there are two things that are important to us. The diamond, and the setting. Now of course, both the diamond and the setting have their own designs and important things to remember, but basically we have to find a diamond we love, and we have to find a setting we love. Engagement ring settings are both incredibly simple and overwhelmingly difficult, and both for the same reason. There is a huge selection of engagement ring settings in this strange new universe. Engagement ring settings are the band and the surrounding diamonds or precious stones on the band, if there are any. Consider the setting as the […]

Cushion Cut Engagement Rings Go With Everything
Posted on October 24, 2011 by Admin

Cushion Cut Engagement Rings Go With Everything Many people think, when shopping for engagement rings, that the different shapes are just shapes, and you choose the cut according to which one you like best. Many people do not realize that the way a diamond is cut is more for the getting the most out of the facets in the diamond and less about how the shape eventually turns out. Cushion cut engagement rings are such rings. Also known as “pillow cut” rings, this style has been around for more than a century, although the cut has been updated to reflect modern trends. Originally cushion cut engagement rings were known as miners cut rings, and they were incredibly popular from the […]

A Diamond Engagement Ring that Comes From the Heart
Posted on October 21, 2011 by Admin

A Diamond Engagement Ring that Comes From the Heart Ring shopping can be quite overwhelming. There are so many choices and so many possibilities and so much riding on getting just the right ring. It makes a man’s mouth go dry just thinking about it. The first thing to remember is that if she is the right woman for you, the one you really want to spend the rest of your life with, she will love whatever you give her. Because the diamond engagement ring came from you. That being said, it is important to realize that she is putting a lot of trust into you. She is hoping you know her well enough to pick out a ring that […]

3 Stone Engagement Rings: Elaborate Beauty
Posted on October 20, 2011 by Admin

3 Stone Engagement Rings: Elaborate Beauty Some like things to be simple. Too much fuss and it can be displeasing. To them, less is more. Solitaire engagement rings are perfect in their classic beauty for those people. And then there are others, those who like the elaborate and the sparkle, those who believe that too much of a good thing does not exist. For these people, 3 stone engagement rings are the right fit because these rings are as full of shine and sparkle as they can get. Why have one diamond when you can have three? 3 stone engagement rings have a lot of different options. Sometimes they have three main stones, all the same size and shape. Sometimes […]

Solitaire Engagement Rings Have Endless Possibilities
Posted on October 19, 2011 by Admin

Solitaire Engagement Rings Have Endless Possibilities She has no idea. He has sweaty palms and a dry mouth and his heart is racing like a freight train and she has no idea. He has a little box in his jacket pocket that feels like it is burning a hole through his chest. He has spent countless hours pouring over hundreds of different styles of rings. He did his homework and he learned about the four “C’s” and he learned about all the different metals available. He saved up his salary and finally bought the most beautiful ring he could find, all leading him to this very moment, where he sits with his stomach tied in knots. And she has no […]

Emerald Cut Engagement Rings for the Classy, Modern Woman
Posted on October 18, 2011 by Admin

Emerald Cut Engagement Rings for the Classy, Modern Woman The perfect ring is different for every girl. That means that there is no formula for finding just the right ring. It takes time and effort and really trying to channel what she would like and what fits her personality and personal sense of style the best. For many women, that perfect ring has an emerald cut diamond, which is also known as the “table cut” or “step cut” diamond. This type of cut was originally designed for coloured precious stones, but it was incredibly well received in the diamond world as well. Emerald cut engagement rings are extremely popular. Celebrities love them. Elizabeth Taylor had a 30-carat emerald cut ring […]

Celebrity Engagement Rings are Trend Setters
Posted on October 17, 2011 by Admin

Celebrity Engagement Rings are Trend Setters Celebrities are known for being over-the-top. Their homes, their cars, their style and their jewellery. So of course, celebrity engagement rings are going to be beyond dazzling and huge and cost exorbitant amounts of money. Celebrity engagement rings are characterized by their shear size. Multi-carat rings are common, but otherwise the range of creativity and unique designs in the celebrity engagement rings world is unparalleled. Their rings are pink or yellow or made of precious gemstones instead of diamonds or any number of different options. Tennis star Anna Kournikova has a natural pink diamond. It is a pear cut with two trillion side stones. She has also been seen with a huge canary yellow […]

Unique Engagement Rings for Celebrities and Everyone Else, Too Many celebrities are famous for their unique sense of style, and engagement rings for these women could not be ordinary. They have to have unique engagement rings that go with their lifestyle and sense of fashion. And even those among us who are not celebrities often like to have unique engagement rings, simply because we do not want a ring that every girl on the lane has. Traditional engagement rings have their appeal, too, but for some women unique engagement rings are the only way to go. Gwen Stefani is one of the most trendsetting stars in our culture. She has a sense of style all her own, and her engagement […]

Platinum Engagement Rings are Strong Enough for a Lifetime Shopping for engagement rings? There are times in life when only the best will do. Although definitions of the best vary from person to person, many consider platinum engagement rings to be unparalleled in their excellence. For good reason, too, because platinum engagement rings have many benefits. But in a world where you get what you pay for, you definitely can end up paying for all these benefits. Whether the cost is worth it is, of course, up to you, but being informed about what you are actually buying when you are ring shopping will help you make the best decision. When they say platinum engagement rings are the premium in […]

Engagement Rings: The Start of a Journey
Posted on October 12, 2011 by Admin

Engagement Rings: The Start of a Journey Engagement rings are fun to shop for. A couple that is so in love, pouring over engagement rings, either online or by visiting a jeweller. Imagining how it will look on her finger and choosing just the right one. Or, maybe the ring is a surprise and she has no idea it is coming. Then he gets to be the one looking through hundreds of engagement rings, picturing them on her finger, anticipating how she will react when she receives it. It might not be quite as fun trying to pick out the right engagement rings by himself, but the surprise factor makes it completely worth it in the end. Of course, he […]

Vintage Engagement Rings Can Mean Antique, or It Just Looks Antique Many people think the terms “vintage engagement rings” and “antique engagement rings” are interchangeable, and it is almost true. However, antique engagement rings mean rings that are 50 years old or older, and vintage engagement rings can mean that they only look antique, but are really brand new. Or it really can mean that it is a very old ring with a lot of history and sentimental value behind it. Celebrities seem to have a thing for vintage. Clothes, cars, and especially jewellery. So it is not surprise that vintage engagement rings are very popular in the celebrity world. Madonna, one of history’s most famous icons, received a three […]

Are White Gold Engagement Rings The Rings for You
Posted on October 6, 2011 by Admin

Are White Gold Engagement Rings The Rings for You Buying engagement rings can be a very overwhelming process. A lot of time, money, and emotion is involved. It is not like running down to the local jewellers and picking out whatever is on sale. This ring is the start of a brand new life, and it is important to find just the right ring, whatever size, colour, or design that may be. Many women love the cool white metals to go with their diamonds, and there are a few to choose from. They all have pros and some cons, and knowing them beforehand will help you make your final decision. White gold engagement rings are one of the most popular […]

Diamond Engagement Rings Represent Love
Posted on October 5, 2011 by Admin

Diamond Engagement Rings Represent Love When is a diamond more than a diamond? When it is given set in an engagement ring. No matter the size, diamond engagement rings carry a lot of meaning in that sparkling setting. Not only are you asking the woman you love more than any other to be with you right now, you are asking her to be with you always. You are promising a lifetime of love and commitment with that ring. These rings symbolize the love shared between two people and the special relationship that they have. Diamond engagement rings are not all the same, however. There are practically endless possibilities when you are choosing for yourself or your loved one. First is […]

Celebrities Wear Antique Engagement Rings
Posted on October 4, 2011 by Admin

Celebrities Wear Antique Engagement Rings There is something about antique engagement rings that make them extra special. It might be the sense of history they carry, or that they have a story behind them and a little mystery. Maybe they are special because they are a family heirloom and because of that they have a strong sentimental value, something you cannot put a price on. Whatever the reason, antique engagement rings are special all on their own. Maybe that is why celebrities like them so much. Even if the ring looks the exact same as one you could find in a local jewellers today, it is worth more because it is an heirloom. Many celebrities have these engagement rings, and […]

Celebrities Love Designer Engagement Rings
Posted on October 3, 2011 by Admin

Celebrities Love Designer Engagement Rings We hear the words “designer engagement rings” quite often, but what do they really mean, and are the rings we are always seeing truly designer engagement rings? The definition of designer is being designed by someone famous. That said, a lot of the times we are hearing about designer engagement rings, they are actually custom made rings. Celebrities, for their part, are notorious for only wearing famous designers, and that includes their jewellery. Very few celebrities have engagement rings not specifically designed for them by a famous designer, and it shows in the beauty and uniqueness of their rings. Designer engagement rings are available to the public, but they cost a lot more than an […]