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The Beauty of Princess Cut Engagement Rings
Posted on January 19, 2011 by Admin

The Beauty of Princess Cut Engagement Rings It would sure be nice for a woman to receive something that would make her feel like a princess. More than the excitement of your proposal, add another kind of plus by giving her a princess engagement ring. The name sure sounds fancy but this kind of ring is far less expensive than most cuts of diamonds. A princess cut is a popular choice among women because of its unique and elegant square shape, that is far from traditional round cuts. A princess engagement ring has a princess cut diamond, (or any other kind of gemstone for that matter), that is distinctive for its square shape. The stone is made and designed with […]

Engagement Rings a Sign of Ultimate Devotion
Posted on January 19, 2011 by Admin

Engagement Rings a Sign of Ultimate Devotion. An engagement ring serves as a betrothal present that a man gives to his future bride as he proposes marriage. From a man’s perspective, the ring means a decisive commitment and the promise of ultimate devotion and love to one woman. For women, engagement rings mean that and more – they also mean that there’s going to be a wedding that needs to be planned and a happily ever after that has yet to be lived. It is customary for the man to go picking out the ring on his own. He may ask for the help of his girlfriend’s closest friends in picking out a style that will suit her best, but […]

White Gold Engagement Rings an Elegant Choice.
Posted on January 19, 2011 by Admin

White Gold Engagement Rings an Elegant Choice. Women simply love white gold engagement rings because of their classic elegance. White gold is composed of an alloy of silver, palladium or nickel, and pure gold. One of the best things about white gold is that it is more durable than yellow gold, and it complements the sparkle of a good diamond or any other gemstone for that matter. The perfect canvass The engagement ring is probably the most important piece in a woman’s accessory box primarily because of what it stands for. Getting engaged is a very special event and something that warrants a special memento, such as a white gold ring. Young women actually appreciate white gold more than yellow […]

Art deco engagement rings
Posted on January 19, 2011 by Admin

Art deco engagement rings Men or couples who want something unique to represent their commitment to their girlfriends or to each other can opt for art deco engagement rings. These rings are ideal for individuals who want to shy away from engagement rings with typical designs and stones, usually diamonds. Art deco rings, in general, can be considered miniature art works because of their elaborate setting and stones. Reflecting individuality Art deco engagement rings may not be the priciest or most elegant engagement rings available in the market, but they are definitely the ones with the most character. These rings can stand for a couple’s unique personality or individuality as much as it can symbolize that same couple’s commitment to […]

Tanzanite Engagement Rings, a break from tradition.
Posted on January 19, 2011 by Admin

Tanzanite Engagement Rings, a break from tradition. If you want to add some twist to your proposal, then choose from tanzanite engagement rings and surprise your bride to be with the dazzle and uniqueness of the tanzanite stone. Make your profession of love extra special with the daring and alluring blue stone that is best combined with accent stones such as opal, aquamarine, peridot and even diamonds! Tanzanite is a good break away from the traditional diamond, and is more unique and original, for a lesser price. The rare stone has an exclusive origin and can only be found in Tanzania Africa, where it was first discovered. Astrologists say that tanzanite activates some chakras which links the mind to the […]